Top Tips on how to go dinghy sailing!

Dinghy sailing is often thought of as a skilled watersport not for the faint hearted, however it’s actually not this way. Dinghy sailing is very easy to learn, much easier than windsurfing in fact due to the sailor sitting down. Any age can participate in the sport. There’s a wide range of resources out there to help you, from the most appropriate dinghy sailing clothing, boats and locations.

You can learn the basics in one afternoon, through a skilled instructor. Keep reading to find out our tips and tricks for learning to go Dinghy Sailing!

The first trick is to buy your dinghy sailing clothing…

Trick 1: Dinghy Sailing Clothing.

Our first key step includes knowing what to wear. Exposing yourself to the water (for example lakes and the ocean) can be a chilly endeavour, therefore it’s important to keep warm. This will also help you learn your new dinghy sailing kills more effectively! When buying your dinghy sailing clothing items, examples could include:

  • A base layer.
  • Wetsuit.
  • Dinghy sailing tops.
  • Bottoms/trousers/legs
  • Jackets.

If you wanted to be super warm, you could extend your dinghy sailing clothing collection to gloves, boots and socks, hats and buoyancy aids. Perhaps these accessories would be perfect for the colder months.

Trick 2: Deciding when and where to learn Dinghy Sailing.

It’s true, everyone’s busy, and sometimes it can be super hard to know when to learn a new hobby. However, a quick staycation holiday is something we all occasionally do, and it’s great fun by the water! It’s also a perfect opportunity to learn dinghy sailing, because the boat, safety equipment and expert advice are all on tap (if you are near a watersport school).

You are also likely to be near the sea? So, you now have your dinghy sailing clothing sorted, and now know when to take up lessons, on your well earned time off. You can find the best areas to find

Trick 3: What sailing terms should I know when taking up the sport?

If you are going to participate in dinghy sailing lessons, it’s important you know some of the terms. You have your clothing, location and time, but you may not be sure what everything means? Some key term examples include the bow (front of the boat), Windward (the side of the boat the wind blows on to) and capsizing, (where the wind becomes too strong for your ability!)

This is where your dinghy sailing clothing comes in handy, to keep warm!

Don’t worry though, because the instructor will teach you all the terms you need to know during your training sessions.

We do hope these tips and tricks have been useful and have convinced you to take up Dinghy sailing! Go and make the first step by purchasing your clothing items here.

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