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Increase your child’s understanding of feelings & mental health with these 5 superb books

As adults, most of us look back on our own childhoods fondly, reminiscing about blissful carefree years. But, in reality, childhood can be a time of stress, anxiety, and early signs of mental health difficulties. According to the NHS, one in eight (12.8%) five to 19 year olds had at least one mental disorder when Continue Reading

How To Make Your Work Place Better For Women: 5 Tips for All Business Owners

One of the major issues that has come to the forefront in the workplace these days centers on females employees. There has been strong acknowledgement that female workers are discriminated against in alarming numbers at companies. For these employees, it makes their jobs more difficult and causes them to suffer from a range of mental Continue Reading

Things you never knew you could buy with 1 Bitcoin – The new currency in town

After reaching its record high levels post its false start, bitcoin has kept rallying forth. A single unit of this cryptocurrency has a value of $1,281.48, as per the index of prices through different exchange. After taking note of this surge in the value of this cryptocurrency, people have been wondering what they could buy Continue Reading

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