Never Get Stuck With a Snail-Speed Internet With These Tips!

If you ever want to experience what a slow death feels like, try signing up for choppy internet service. Getting stuck with slow internet is no less than the worst form of slow death possible. It’s frustrating and makes waiting for the page to load or the video to stop buffering impossible by the minute.

Streaming your favorite episode takes an eternity to finish, scrolling through Instagram or Facebook takes hours because the posts won’t load, a simple Google search query becomes a mission because the request can’t go through on time, a 10-minute video call hardly seems like a 10-minute. These are just a few examples of how painfully frustrating it can be to get stuck with a snail-speed internet connection. It’s almost like the world comes to a halt.

And we don’t blame you for wanting to just dump the entire network setup in the trash but hold up. Before you go all dramatic on your router, identify the root cause of your slow internet connection and learn how to fix it. Maybe you reside in a remote location where cable broadband cannot provide the required speeds. In such cases, looking for the best satellite internet options available in your location could be a good solution.

That said, whatever may be the reason, you don’t have to go on a hunt to find answers, we’ve got you. We’ve rounded up some of the best tried and tested tricks and tips you should have up your sleeve whenever your internet starts acting up.

Check them out below:

Improve network security

The router by default comes with a pre-set username and password when you purchase it. This information includes the brand’s name, model, and make data, making it easier to guess for outsiders and hackers.

Changing the information should be your first step towards securing network security. You don’t want anyone to invade your privacy and impair your network’s performance by breaking through whenever they want. Update your network information and change the password as soon as you get your hands on the router. After that, you can make use of online sites like testmyspeed and individually check the internet speed on each device. Once, the speed is matching the required standards, you can make sure all your devices are re-connected to the network with the updated information.

Update the router or modem

One of the most common causes of slow internet is usually outdated software or firmware. Your router’s outdated firmware is usually to blame for all your internet problems. Not only do they slow down internet speed but also increase the chances of the router getting attacked and invaded by outsiders.

Outdated firmware means frequent connection drops, longer loading times, and intense buffering sessions.

Make sure your router and its firmware are always up to date. Keep a check on any network upgrades and updates online so you never have to worry about outdated firmware.

Change router’s placement

The placement of your router is one of the deciding factors of your network performance. Where it is located in the house ultimately decides the network performance and signal strength across all devices in the house.

If it’s placed far from the central location and away from the devices, weak signal strength and poor network performance are inevitable in this case. You won’t find the speed you’re looking for since the signals can’t reach the devices properly.

Place the router in a central location away from electrical appliances and concrete obstacles, from where it can deliver an equal signal strength across all devices in all corners of the house.

Reset the network setup

One of the most exhausting tips in the ‘how to fix your internet’ book is a hard reset. It’s the fastest way to refresh your router and get rid of unnecessary network traffic and dump.

Just switch off your router for a few minutes and turn it back on and see how the magic works. For a better internet performance and quality experience, restart your devices too! It only takes a few minutes of your day to do so!

Switch your browser

There could still be a possibility that your network and internet speed, both are showing acceptable performance, and yet you are experiencing slow internet and web browsing. That could be due to your web browser.

Your web browser can affect a lot of things when it comes to using the internet. It can slow down the searches due to the lack of ad-blockers or might not show precise search results, which could affect your online experience. So, when looking for a better browser, consider software such as Wave Browser or similar others that can be user-friendly, efficient, and intuitive. It can effectively reduce recurring ads, provide added online security, provide faster browsing, and could have features like split view for a streamlined workflow. So, if you are seeing persistent internet issues, maybe it’s time to switch your browser to a better one.

To Wrap It Up

A stable internet connection has become a need of the hour for every household. A subscription to good internet service is the first step to enjoying high internet speeds. AT&T Internet is a popular choice for high speeds and reliable connectivity. Moreover, they also offer the best DirecTV packages paired with the fastest internet connection. Just get in touch with DirecTV customer service and find the best internet plans in your area!

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