Advantages of Eco Carrier Bags

Everyone does it, we all go out with bags to do our weekly shop, or use plastic bags to carry items important to us. Imagine how beneficial it would it be if we all used eco carrier bags? It would make such the difference to plastic pollution, due to a reduced amount of plastic on the planet. They can do everything plastic bags can do, however they build on their core functionality by benefiting the environment.

Not only this, but it says something about you, too. Take a look at our advantages of eco carrier bags here.

Reduced Waste

As mentioned above, the biggest advantage to eco carrier bags are the fact they reduce waste and improve global plastic pollution. A plastic bag is not biodegradable, meaning when it’s thrown away, it’s not going to vanish just like that and will be photo-degradable. Resulting in too much toxic waste! Therefore, it’s important to reuse your bags, and that’s where eco carrier bags come in. Moving on to that…

They are reusable

This benefits you, the user as well as the environment. It can reduce the clutter in your home, you know where your bags are for when you go out for your day at work, shopping or other leisure tasks. When you are done with its use, you know you can reuse it again and again! Especially if the bag is custom to you or your business’s branding needs, then you will be happy to reuse it as much as desired.

They say something about you

It’s true, the bag you choose for your retail needs say something about you, or your business. It’s a visual staple, and in a sea of individuals who may still be using plastic bags on a daily basis, you will feel you are actively helping a cause. Visually, they stand out too.

We all know a standard plastic bag, they look plain, thin, and could break at any moment. Eco carrier bags however, give a unique look based on the natural material used. For example, organic paper, cotton, canvas, jute, non-woven or woven PP as alternatives to plastic bags. All these options also add a unique visual appeal, and it is up to you which you choose for your next eco carrier bag.

If the eco-friendly bag is for your business, you could choose where to place your brand on the bag itself.

We hope this blog suggests some advantages to eco carrier bags, over standard single use plastic bags! Go make the change now!

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