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For many people, lifestyle blogging is easy and does not require much effort. But in reality, one has to go through a lot of hard work to create a robust lifestyle platform.  One of the significant aspects of this perseverance is the art of connecting with readers.

My readers are the heart and soul of this website, and without their support I am nothing. Thus, it is essential for me to maintain a healthy relationship with my audience. Although there are many ways of doing so, I am counting on the best channels for getting in touch with the readers.

Write For Radical Breeze

I love hearing that some of our readers want to contribute to the blog! A great way to connect is to write original guest post articles for the website. I allow writers to submit their guest posts about things relatable with the site. Not being too judgmental, I post almost all guest post submissions with proper credits. However, I do make sure that the write-ups match the industry standards and are not against a specific person or community.

By writing for me and becoming a contributor, you will become a published author who will help you in becoming a professional author down the road. Keep writing and share love, appreciation, and solutions in the community.

Just make sure that you use only a single channel of communication as your messages will be replied anyway. Again, you might even get blocked for spamming me in the channels I just mentioned.  Do not rush as your words come under my top priority.

Sometimes aspiring guest authors have a little trouble trying to decide what they’re going to write about in their guest post. That’s why I’ve put together a list of potential article topics. These guest post topic ideas are just to inspire. If you ave any ideas for a great guest post that aren’t on the list, feel free to send them over to me. I’m welcome to guest contributors with lots of different perspectives.  You might like to write about:

  • Relationship advice
  • Self-Care Tips
  • Career Paths and Advice
  • True Stories
  • Opinions on Fashion, Media or TV
  • Life Hacks and Tips
  • Friendship advice
  • Parenting tips
  • How-tos and tutorials
  • Home and decoration advice
  • Dating stories and advice

As I say, there are plenty of other topics that I’d love to hear from you about. Lifestyle is such a broad topic and it’s different for everyone. Let me know what you’re thinking about contributing to the site!


    Follow me on social media

    There is an official page for the website on all popular social media platforms. It serves as a more casual channel to approach me and my website. Here, you can get regular updates about the site and a lot of entertainment media.

    I believe in educating my readers in the purest form possible thus all of my posts will be dealing with serious issues but with a hint of fun and serenity. You will also be able to meet people who have benefitted from my lifestyle blog and are there to show me their love and support. You can even start debates and discussions over related matters and engage the community as per your command.

    Contact me directly

    One of the more formal ways of getting in touch is to direct message me through a specific page dedicated to this purpose. I will be profoundly glad to receive your messages and reply as soon as possible. Though I have a hectic schedule, yet I have been dealing with direct messages for a long time now.

    Moreover, a direct message allows you to talk with me about any and everything you are interested in. As a lifestyle blogger, my areas of expertise are highly diversified as I can discuss parenting with one reader and traveling with the other.

    Furthermore, I request you to only relevant matters as there are hundreds of other people with severe issues and I have limited time availability. Please go through other articles before sending a message as they can be of great help.

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