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Thanks for stopping by Radical Breeze, my lifestyle blog through which I’ll be continuously sharing the best lifestyle hacks and more.

My name is Estrella, a proud child of an equally proud duo of global citizens for parents, who still play a major role in my daily life, even though I’ve since grown up and had kids of my own. I hail from Cornwall, England, one of the most beautiful places in the UK, but I’ve since flown the nest to settle in the green, leafy suburbs of Oxford.

Yes, yes – I’m happily married with two kids and we even have the classic duo of a pet dog and a pet cat, two members of our extended family that actually get along so well with each other, much like the kids (a first-born son and his sister) whose closeness is perhaps as a result of the fact that they’re only two years apart. “That’s the perfect age-gap,” as is often exclaimed by the people in our inner social circles, but I swear none of that was planned.

I guess the picture is becoming rather clear to you – I have kind of what you’d call the standard life, which is a lot more than many people can claim and all things considered, I truly believe I am blessed in that way. Ordinary is good sometimes and it’s definitely good in my case because I just utterly lose my mind when things don’t appear to be working within the range of “normality” I’ve become accustomed to!

Do I have my affairs in order?

By all measures objectivity I would say that I do indeed have my affairs in order, but that’s not to say there are no challenges faced in my life. By no means is my life perfect and as an individual I’m even “less perfect,” so no, I’m not trying to be the pin-up poster child of the Millennial dream!

Try I do and I make no mistake about the fact that I’m lucky to have had my life turn out the way it has, with both parents still alive, one set of grandparents as well, a loving husband and two healthy, intelligent and not-too-naughty children.

The inspiration for this blog

How about that eh? – a blog inspired by nothing more than being “normal!” That’s exactly what Radical Breeze is all about – a set of continuously shared life hacks for people who want to bring a bit of normality back to what can be some really crazy lives in this day and age. Trust me when I say that I know how it can be to just long for things in your life to operate within that familiar band of normality that will help you maintain your sanity and we’re not promoting mediocrity here. All that this is, is some kind of reference point you can go back to when things in your life seem to be getting too far out of hand.

What to expect

So here’s where it may start to appear as if I’m being paradoxical, but whatever, it is what it is, innit?

One of Newton’s Laws states that “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” which is a principle of life that does well to explain what may appear to be the paradox of presenting this blog as a barometer for normality, yet what the name suggests is that some radical action needs to be taken in order to achieve that. But that’s exactly what it is – sometimes your life is shaken up so radically that you have to take equally radical measures in order to return to that familiar state of normality you’re comfortable with. What happens in between all of that is simply called life and that is what makes you grow and evolve.

So, to put things as they are in less of a philosophical manner, whenever you visit Radical Breeze, hopefully as a regular, returning reader, you can expect to find some insightful discussions around the major topics of home and professional life, including lifestyle, travelling, parenting, interior design & home, and any topics which may be trending as well.

I hope to see you soon and I look forward to any feedback, communication and collaboration, as well as the sharing of the useful content I’ll be taking the time to put together for you.


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