Why Switch to an Eco-Friendly Apron?

A proper printed apron is a must-have item in any kitchen. Whether you’re an awesome home cook looking to feed your family restaurant-quality meals, or you’re a chef in a 5-star restaurant, having an apron that protects your clothing, holds your most needed tools, and helps you express yourself as a culinary artist.

However, a lot of aprons are either made from materials that aren’t good for the environment, or they’re made in ways that are simply unsustainable. The solution is an eco-friendly apron, and here’s why you should make the switch, today.


As the name suggests, the main reason to make the switch is because it’s eco-friendly. Not only do you get a high-quality apron to use around the kitchen, but you also get the peace of mind that comes from knowing it was made in a sustainable manner.

Social Implications

Your apron being eco-friendly is a big bonus for you, but it’s also something that will impress others. More than ever, people are being more conscious about how they’re impacting the environment, and they like seeing others take interest in it, as well. As one of the biggest ways you express yourself in the kitchen, your apron being eco-friendly says a lot about your dedication to protecting the Earth and doing your part.

This is extremely useful in a professional atmosphere, too. It looks good on the restaurant you’re working in, because customers recognize that such high-profile employees are interested in being eco-friendly.

Brand Alignment

This is specifically for cooking in the professional sphere. Would it make sense if you went to a restaurant that depicted itself as nature-friendly with all-natural food and an emphasis on organic options, but then the chef is running around wearing rubber aprons and using equipment that is horrible for the environment?

Something as simple as wearing an eco-friendly apron in this situation can help align your business with its brand messaging.


One of the great parts of ordering your apron from Cotton Bag Co is that you can get your own designs printed on your apron when you order it. You don’t need to settle for whatever designs are available, you don’t need to go to a third-party service to customize your apron, and you can simply get what you want right away.

This helps you express yourself, support the company you’re cooking for, brand your YouTube cooking channel, or anything else you can think of.


Finally, these eco-friendly aprons are extremely cost-effective without being “cheap”. Cotton can be used to make an extremely durable and lightweight product, but it’s easy to work with and plentiful; so, you can get far better prices when compared to aprons made of leather, treated canvas, and various other materials that cost a lot more to produce.

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