Benefits Of Nitrogen Generation In Food Packaging

Food packaging and preservation is vital to the survival of our modern way of life.  We often take the preservation of food for granted, but have you ever wondered what it was that makes your chip bags “pop” when you open them?

You see, oxygen provides the right conditions for your food to begin to degrade.  The length of time between production and consumption is too long for most foods to remain viable, so production companies use nitrogen to replace the oxygen.

Check out a few of the coolest benefits of nitrogen generation in food packaging, and learn a little about your food today.

Nitrogen offers a longer shelf life

Food begins to break down in the presence of oxygen because oxygen is a breeding ground for bacteria.  With the absence of oxygen, bacteria cannot grow. Your food will remain free of any mold, mildew, or excess moisture when you replace the oxygen with nitrogen.  

When a business produces a food product in mass, it’s important that they have an efficient way of preserving their product.  An industrial sized nitrogen generator is the best way to supply on-site nitrogen infusion for your food packaging. 

Nitrogen will help preserve the quality

When you open a bag of potato chips, it’s important that they’re crunchy.  That crisp crunch of a potato chip is a signature element of a great chip, and adding nitrogen to replace oxygen in the bag helps preserve that crunch.  

When the chips are packaged, the oxygen inside of the bag is replaced with nitrogen to eliminate excess moisture that could cause a stale chip.  The process of nitrogen infusion is also extremely crucial to the preservation of mushrooms and other fresh veggies.

Nitrogen helps to prevent damage

Adding nitrogen in the place of oxygen in a chip bag also helps to keep the chips from being crushed.  Of course, not every chip can be saved, but the extra cushion helps save the majority.  Throw away all the anger you have over having a half-full bag of chips, and understand that there is a tactical reason for the seemingly small portioning.  

Nitrogen gives business more options

When you’re able to preserve your product for longer, you have a wider range at which you can market your perishable product.  Without nitrogen infusion, our food stores would diminish dramatically within a very short period of time. The enhancements offered by nitrogen will help your business literally go farther.  

On-site nitrogen production

Your business may use bags, cans, boxes, bottles, or cardboard, and they can all benefit from nitrogen packaging.  On-site nitrogen production offers businesses the ability to save money on transport and energy costs.

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