5 Tips For a Successful Intervention With Your Loved One

Having a loved one addicted to substances can leave you feeling helpless. It’s easy to find yourself feeling like there’s no hope to help them. However, the truth is that you can help them by being proactive.

Organizing an intervention can often have an incredibly successful outcome. It’s all about placing together the right elements. Here are the best tips for organizing an intervention with your loved one that yields results.

Choose The Right People To Be Present

An intervention works best when it’s full of people who the addicted family member trusts and loves. Therefore, it’s important to choose your intervention team carefully.

If you choose a group with people that your loved one doesn’t trust entirely, it can make them feel ganged up on.

Anyone who has a strained relationship with the person or unresolved issues should be kept far away from the intervention. You may even want to consider hiring a professional. They have the tools to guide everyone in the family towards a resolution.

Timing Is Everything

Don’t schedule an intervention when your loved one is under the influence. They should be sober or at least close as possible to sober.

When a person is high or drunk, they don’t have the ability to react the same as they would without substances. Therefore, choose a time when the person is the least likely to have used recently.

Choose a Private Setting Away From Home

Holding an intervention in a private place is essential. The middle of a busy cafe is probably not a great choice. On the flipside, however, your home isn’t a great choice either. When the intervention location is in a familiar place, the person may hide in a room or stop the conversation before it even starts.

Choose a safe place where you can speak quietly and privately, but escaping isn’t an easy route for them.

If you’ve hired a professional intervention specialist, they may have an office or designated location that they can provide for your family. You could even ask them if it would be wise to admit the addicted family member to a rehab center to help them get over their dependence on harmful substances. If the intervention specialist thinks that’s a good choice to make, then you could look at local or international rehab abroad, and choose the one that seems to be the best one for them.

Rehearse The Intervention

Everyone should practice the intervention before the final day. Jumping in too quickly without rehearsal can be a recipe for disaster. Try to decide who will speak first and what you’ll say.

It may seem like a bother to rehearse how it will go, however, if you’re genuinely committed to helping your family member, then practice is vital.

Keep Your Emotions In Check

It’s easy to get flustered during an intervention. However, it won’t help anyone if you get angry or upset. Try to keep cool and deflect any anger aimed your way. Try to stay neutral and calm, speaking in a calm tone.

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