Spring Break With The Kids: Tips For A Successful Adventure

Spring Break is upon us, and it’s time to spend time with the kids.  You only get this time in their lives once, so soak up the moments. Put out extra effort to make unforgettable memories with your family, and plan a fantastic Spring Break excursion for the whole family.  

If you’re a little behind the game, take a few hints from those who know.  Here is a brief overview of some excellent tips to consider when you’re trying to host the perfect adventure for your kids.  

Train yourself to control things in the car

Driving a car with unruly children in the cab can be a challenge.  Make sure you become the ninja master of controlling the situation while you’re all in the car.  If you cannot control the situation, don’t be afraid to pull the car over to the side of the road.  

It’s much safer to yell at your kids while you’re parked than to try and correct things while you’re going down the road.  Don’t risk someone being injured in a car accident just so you can keep moving forward.  The risk is not worth the possible repercussions.  

Always book a hotel with free breakfast

The cost of a vacation for a whole family can get very expensive, very quickly, if you don’t pay close attention to budgeting.  One of the best ways to save money is to always book a hotel with a continental breakfast, so one meal of the day is already covered.  

Scout out a hotel with a good continental breakfast, because you can get duped at times.  You’ll need more than a bagel and coffee to keep the family full.

Pack a cooler of snacks for the ride

You’ll have the chance to save even more money on the journey by packing a well-equipped cooler full of snacks and drinks for the family.  You can spend more than $30 at a time purchasing gas station snacks for a whole family.  Save your cash, and pack a cooler.

Bring electronics and chargers

You’ll want some peace and quiet times in the vehicle, so don’t hold out on the electronics.  Let them play their games, watch their movies, and listen to their music. It will keep them from hassling the driver, and keep the atmosphere copacetic.  If you’re against the kids using electronics, try looking at toys and games reviews to find something that can keep them busy. There’s nothing worse than hearing ‘Are we there yet?’ thousands of times. 

Make sure the car is in good shape

Before ever hitting the road, you should always get your car check out for routine maintenance.  Get the oil changed. Check all of the vehicle’s fluids, and check the tread on the tires.  Making sure your car is in good shape will ease your mind while you’re traveling, especially if you’re on a particularly long road trip.  

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