Are Luxury London Serviced Apartments Worth it?

London attracts visitors from all over the world, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably planning on being one. The city has a massive list of things to do, from enjoying historical tours to bouncing between the modern nightclubs, and everyone can make once-in-a-lifetime memories here.

This rush of tourism has given London room to expand its accommodations sector, and with that, luxury serviced apartments have become a popular option. You’ve probably heard of them if you’ve looked for hotels in the area. However, they’re very different from a hotel. They blend the benefits of a hotel with the benefits of a full luxury apartment, and this has the potential to make any visit to London something special.

Is it worth it, though?

Let’s find out.

1: Price

This is probably weighing heavy on your mind right now. Are luxury London serviced apartments financially feasible for you? Well, yes. They should be if you’re looking at hotels on a per-night basis.

Luxury serviced apartments are only slightly more expensive per night than hotels in comparable price ranges, but they offer so much more value.

2: Comfort

This one is an easy win. With a luxury serviced apartment, you get a fully furnished apartment to live in. This includes private, full-sized bedrooms, a full-sized kitchen, full bathrooms, and a fully furnished living area with different TV packages depending on who is offering the accommodation.

Compare that to a hotel, and you can definitely see where much of the value comes from.

3: Perks

You’re not just renting an apartment on a nightly basis when you book a luxury London serviced apartment. You’re booking a service, too.

Just like a hotel, you can opt to receive certain bonus features such as laundry services, regular cleaning services, special parking, deliveries, etc. Every service provider will have their own list of add-on perks, but these are generally on offer.

4: Location

One of the most common things people worry about when booking a serviced apartment stay is whether or not they’ll be close to the action of the city. A lot of people think that, due to these being repurposed luxury apartments, they’ll be out of the way in more suburban areas. That’s not true.

These apartments are smack-dab in the middle of London’s center; just like the hotels, many travelers use.

This allows you to enjoy a comfortable, affordable stay in the city without sacrificing the ability to simply walk to the vast majority of sights and attractions you want to see.

Conclusion: Are They Worth it?

Given the very comparable price to hotels, with the great excess of value, we 100% believe luxury London serviced apartments are worth every pound you spend on them. Whether you’re booking a stay for your family vacation, a friendly get-together, or just so you can have somewhere comfortable to stay while out on business, you simply get way too much value for the price for us to even consider saying they’re not.

If you can book a luxury serviced apartment over a hotel, do it.

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