4 muscles that can be soothed with a Hypervolt massage gun

Recovery massage guns are very useful post workout/exercise. When you are looking to increase the quality of your recovery massage guns are a great place to go as they offer both portability and performance. The Hypervolt massage gun’s offered by Recoverfit offer supreme performance which gives the muscles deep stimulation which helps with your recovery.

There are proven benefits to the use of massage guns to help with muscle soreness. Hypervolt  has 3 models which are available for any athletes out there seeking relief from any soreness after exercise. Applied to the chosen area of the body targeting those specific muscle groups which have been thoroughly put through the rounds!

Whilst massage guns in general all serve a similar purpose/benefits, the Hypervolt models are unique. The original has patented technology through its pressure sensors providing further relief from others on offer in the market. So what muscles can be soothed by the Hypervolt massage gun? The ball head attachment is most effective at targeting large muscle groups, compared to the flat head for example. This blog will go into detail about four muscle/muscle groups it can help, so keep on reading to find out more!

`1. Quadriceps

For those leg day workouts, the quadriceps in the thighs can be especially sore after a workout. Whether this from the quadricep machine or the leg press or a fitness workout, the Hypervolt massage gun uses percussion therapy to ease any soreness in this area. A common muscle group used during workouts, Hypervolt massage gun can help with recovery by reducing muscle soreness and stiffness.

2. Hamstrings

Similar to the quads, for those leg day workouts using the hamstring machine in the gym or a personalised workout outside of the machines, Hypervolt massage gun can aid any soreness. Percussive stimulation from the Hypervolt massage gun provides comprehensive relief by reaching both the superficial and deep muscle fibers, targeting these areas. For example using the Hypervolt massage gun on the hamstrings post workout for a limited time can help in recovery.

3. Calves

 Whether it is calf raises or leg press, the calves are another large muscle group which can be sore after a workout. It is easy to see why not just Hypervolt massage guns but massage guns in general are so popular. As they can effectively work over a large muscle group within a few minutes. Loosening tissue, increasing blood flow and temporarily easing muscle pain and soreness.

4. Lower Back

A common area used during workouts such as squats, this large area can be eased of pain from Hypervolt massage gun. With the larger muscle groups, they only need to be used for 2-3 minutes in total to be effective. So quick and easy to do following a strenuous workout and not to be overworked or too much pressure applied to get your muscles back to feeling less sore.

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