Why do pro sailing athletes need to wear gloves?

As a sailor, once you are cold, it’s hard to get warm. And once you get cold, it’s very hard to get warm. Unwrapping, drying and refolding your gloves is very time consuming. Besides, gloves make sailing a bit more difficult. You can lose your grip because you’re not wearing the right gloves, or your gloved fingers stick together. It’s a damn nuisance.

There is one advantage to using thick gloves. Gloves can hold a lot more water. As soon as your fingers get cold, the gloves will gradually fill up, and when your gloves get wet, you have gloves wet with water and dry with sweat. It’s almost impossible to dry them off, unless you take them off, shake them out and dry them immediately after your finish.

The main reason pro sailors are wearing gloves in the first place is because they’re protecting their knuckles. Each boat racer has different knuckles and they can develop bruises really fast, not to mention severe nerve damage. For this reason, they are advised to wear gloves that can protect their hands while they are on their mission. Probably, they can browse around sites such as unigloves.co.uk/ and shop a pair for themselves. Still don’t believe me as to why they need all these, talk to pro sailors themselves!

Here’s the story of Manu Sacchi. Manu lost one of his knuckles in an accident on a windsurf board. In an attempt to avoid a board in the water, Manu lost the knuckle. Manu knew it was his knuckle, but he also knew that his hand would never heal properly. In fact, it did not heal at all, he had to give it up, probably forever. Then Manu got a chance to return to the water. He couldn’t get a prosthetic prosthesis because he had been swimming and windsurfing all his life, and he knew that if he had a prosthetic, it would not have been a great look. So he just used thick gloves. Now, it turns out that Manu has one heck of a knuckle!

What kind of gloves do pro sailors use?

Pro sailors have different gloves for different types of windsurfers. For example, when windsurfers get into the water, their gloves make their hands very cold, almost as cold as the water itself. On top of that, they are immediately wet. Plus, a windsurfer who wears waterproof pants gets so hot that it’s almost impossible to get dry and warm again. This combination makes windsurfing a dangerous sport. If you end up with a severe injury like Manu did, you can end up losing a knuckle for the rest of your life.

Besides the knuckle issue, pro sailors wear wet gloves when their hands are cold. This is called using wet gloves. To be more precise, they don’t use wet gloves in normal situations. Of course, the water or sweat may not be able to dry completely, but they are usually perfectly dry. Sometimes when you’re sailing, it’s a little bit of a challenge to keep your fingers wet, but it’s not that difficult to get them dry again. Most pro sailors use dry gloves at regular times and wet gloves when their hands are cold or wet.

Finally, when it comes to sailing gloves, we have two different types. One is waterproof, in the case of some pro sailors. These gloves allow you to keep your hands warm and dry and also look nice while sailing. Another type of gloves is called dry gloves. Dry gloves do not have a waterproof membrane. And there is no way that you can get your fingers dry even if your hands are very cold.

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