Things you never knew you could buy with 1 Bitcoin – The new currency in town

After reaching its record high levels post its false start, bitcoin has kept rallying forth. A single unit of this cryptocurrency has a value of $1,281.48, as per the index of prices through different exchange. After taking note of this surge in the value of this cryptocurrency, people have been wondering what they could buy with a single bitcoin.

The welcome sign is there in the market for Bitcoin and this news is not just for the investors. Did you know that it is now possible to purchase almost anything with bitcoins? You may check Virgo CX to know more on how cryptocurrencies have redefined the trading industry. Let’s check out the things that you can buy with 1 bitcoin.

  • 1 ounce of gold

There was a day in the recent past when the cost of 1 bitcoin surpassed the cost of 1 ounce of gold. With the widened gap between the price of gold and bitcoin, it can be easily said that you can now buy 1 ounce of gold with 1 bitcoin. Gold is said to be a hedge against inflation and it is probably the best investment that you can ask for. So, you can effortlessly invest in gold with 1 bitcoin. If gold is something you want to learn more about to invest in, then it may be a good idea to Google some queries such as “what about physical gold in an ira?” “What is the best time to invest in gold?”, and so on. This will help you make an informed decision.

  • 67.9 ethereum

Are you in the mood to purchase something that is a little bit more interesting than ETF or gold? If answered yes, you can definitely dig deeper in the world of cryptocurrencies and choose 67.9 ethereum in lieu of 1 bitcoin. This is a rather smart way of executing better contracts and this currency has been a promising vehicle for initiating lucrative contracts or a blockchain application that could let entrepreneurs to introduce self-executing companies.

  • A flight all over the globe

Were you searching through to get an idea of what you could gift your mom or girlfriend or partner? If answered yes, you can shun off the idea and instead gift her a vacation package through the world. You can fly to Delta from LaGuardia and then fly to Shanghai and again get back home within an amount of $1100.

  • Enough of pizza

From its very first real world purchase, Bitcoin has evolved a long way. Can you imagine that you can buy enough pizzas with one bitcoin? Currently, 10,000 bitcoin is equal to $12.8 million and hence one bitcoin will help you get more than 2 pizzas. However, delivery fees, taxes and tips make the entire calculation a bit complex but you can definitely buy enough pizza with a single bitcoin.

  • 3-6 ounces of weed

Though the price of weed varies from one state to another, but as per studies, you can purchase 6 ounces of weed with 1 bitcoin, that too in the cheapest market in Oregon. You would get a bit more than 3 ounces of weed in North Dakota.

Though you won’t be able to buy heavy machines like oil purification systems that you get a, but you can definitely get the above mentioned things with 1 bitcoin.

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