Parenting tips if you’re raising a four-legged friend for the first time

Do you find your child feeling stressed out too often? If answered yes, it’s time to invest your dollars on a puppy. As per a new study, four-legged friends offer social support to kids whenever they feel stressed and puppies can successfully reduce their levels of stress. So, now that you’ve made the decision to bring home a new member, you need to know certain tips to raise him in a proper manner. Raising a puppy is easier said than done as they require special attention that is similar to a human baby.

Since there are lots of responsibilities to take care of, you need to be aware of a parenting guide, especially if you’re a first-timer. Scroll down to know more.

Set yourself to shop for all dog products

Before you welcome your four-legged friend at home, you should make sure you have all important supplies ready for him. For the best chew bones for dogs, click here. Keeping in mind the size and age of your puppy, buy the right dog food, collars, treats, leash, food bowl, comfortable bed, toys and all other vital stuff that your puppy may need. When it comes to choosing the best food for your dog, it’s important to do your research and check out resources like these Dr Marty dog food reviews to help you learn more about one of the options out there so you can find the perfect food for your four-legged friend.

Make your house dog-proof

Just as infants, puppies will also go through a stage called teething. This is when they become too curious about the house and they end up chewing anything that they get in front of them – from household items to furniture. During this process, they might even hurt their gum or choke in eating unimaginable things. So, as a parent, you need to keep everything that is harmful for your pet out of his reach so that he doesn’t hurt himself.

Pay a visit to an experienced veterinarian

On the first day when your furry ball comes home, it’s important to speak with a Veterinarian. Ask for honest recommendations on what you should feed him; speak to him about vaccinations and the proper time you can take him out for a walk. It is also extremely important to take a medical examination in order to be sure that the little one is hearty and healthy.

Set few rules in the house

The adorable eyes of your pet may be enough to plead you for something that you otherwise wouldn’t have given your own child. Despite knowing the fact that your pet has the power of melting your heart within a few seconds, you should set a few rules. Because, if you are a multi-pet family, rules are the only way you can manage the household. Breeds like beagles (you can check this Beagle dog guide, if interested) are easy to manage if they are taught what can and cannot be done around the house. Besides the rules that apply to dogs, owners should also adhere to certain principles. The most important one is regarding food sharing. You should not share your food with your pet as vets suggest feeding them as per a schedule. Ask your vet about the perfect time to start toilet training. In case you’re not comfortable with your pet jumping on sofas or your bed, you shouldn’t allow them from the first day.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is bringing a four-legged home in your home, you should take all the above mentioned steps in order to make your home ready for welcoming him. As pets can reduce stress levels of your kid, they can even nurture the best bond ever.

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