Entering the Dirty 30s and Getting Your Life in Order

“Welcome to the dirty thirties,” reads the subtitle to many a birthday wishes on social media, when one who is entering their 30s acknowledges the day on which they officially came into being. As many who have crossed that threshold might report, it often comes with some reflection and that reflection could very well come with a whole new set of challenges which will have you questioning the existence of some kind of spiritual realm to this life. This is of course if you’re not already a spiritual or religious person.

It doesn’t take too long for something major to happen, either jolting you into the acknowledgement of the need to get your affairs in order, or scaring you into seriously thinking about it. Either way, entering the so-called dirty-thirties makes for the right time to get your life in order. In fact it’s more of a crucial need, because with each passing day, your ability to recover from any major mishap in life diminishes, not least of which is with regards to your financial affairs.

Determining what’s important

The first step is perhaps the most important one, because it sets everything into motion and it’s important to get the direction in which you want to head right. This entails determining what’s important and developing the ability to separate that from everything else which might perhaps be nice to have, but is not really important.

This might mean going on a little journey of self-discovery, but if it’s helping you to identify what matters most, it is certainly worthwhile. Maybe entering a state of ego death with the help of a few psychedelic substances can take you on that journey. By figuring out what’s important to you, you can focus on those individual tasks and make smooth progress toward success.

Establishing a clear life goal and vision

Once you know exactly what’s important to you, including your future self (what is likely to be important to your life when you’re 45), some realignment of the various processes you spend your time, money and energy on needs to happen. If something doesn’t contribute to your goal or your vision for the near future, give it a pass for now. Don’t pump any resources into it as there’ll be plenty of time to revisit it later, when you’re free from those elements in your life that are important for your mere survival.

Do you really need a gas guzzler with a v8 engine, right now, for instance?

Consolidating your financial education

At this stage you really cannot say you haven’t had the full complement of real world experiences which have to do with the management of your personal finances. Take stock of what you’ve learned. All it takes is being honest about it, such as zoning in on spending habits which you promised yourself earlier in your life you’d get a better measure of.

And remember that when you need that emergency cash top-up, a payday loan could be the best option for you, however make sure you are able to make the repayments.

Getting your financial affairs in order

Finally, get your financial affairs in order, because that’s ultimately where all roads led to, isn’t it? You can’t be getting a payday loan to fund a weekend getaway with your friends, for instance, whereas you can use a payday loan to buy some stock for some pop-up shopping event you might be planning…

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