4 Stories of Good Intentions With Bad Endings

Posted On By Simon Costa

Everybody likes a good story. But, there is a parallel to good stories that will end up on the opposite end of the spectrum, especially when people go through certain types of circumstances unintentionally. Specifically, you can follow along with storylines of people who have good intentions but somehow end up with bad endings. It is a fascinating narrative technique, but it is less attractive when it is your life that’s involved.

So where might some of these good intentions start? Maybe you want to do something athletic to kick some adrenaline into your system. Perhaps you want to profit from gambling. Maybe you think that giving advice to someone is good for them. And perhaps you’ve been taught that saying yes to things, especially when it comes to your friends asking you to participate in activities or do work for them, is a good thing. All of these good intentions can end up in uncomfortable, unreasonable, or even dangerous circumstances.

Doing Risky Athletic Activities

Doing risky athletic activities may sound like fun. It may seem like a way to wake up your mind and your body and feel alive again. Unfortunately, dangerous activities can also result in personal injuries. Then where does all that desire for excitement go? It ends up getting flushed down the toilet with all of the expenses that you have incurred due to medical requirements and lost work. As much as you want to do something good and fun as noted from an outside perspective, always make sure that you keep risk factors in mind.

Gambling for Profit

Everybody wants to make a little bit more money. Sometimes you might think it’s a good idea to gamble to profit. You don’t feel like you have a gambling addiction. You just know that there is some way to game the system so that you can put a certain amount of money into a game and get more than that amount of cash out. Unfortunately, because of the house advantage, even the smartest gamblers aren’t always going to win. If you plan on making money from gambling, it is more than likely you will end up disappointed.

Giving Unwanted Advice

Do you feel like you’re pretty smart, especially when it comes to relationships or general life issues? If so, you might think that you want to give people advice. The thing is, under lots of circumstances, people don’t want your input. If you don’t pay attention to the social cues they give you, you can lose friends because you won’t stop telling them what to do.

Saying “Yes” Too Much

There is also the matter of saying yes to too many things. If everybody wants your time and attention, you need to realize that you only have so much energy you can give, and there are only so many hours in the day. If you say yes to everything, you are going to end up disappointing people when it turns out you can’t do what you said.

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