4 Mother-Daughter Trip Ideas For Mother’s Day

We know that you hardly need an excuse to plan a mother-daughter weekend trip but to celebrate the upcoming occasion, i.e. Mother’s Day – calls for it! 

The day is approaching fast and the month is almost already in full swing, so if you need to get a gift for Mother’s Day, we think a mother-daughter trip is the best idea to make your mum’s day memorable. 

What we are trying to say is, this year, why not skip the usual flowers and choose to spend some quality time together instead?

For starters, if you live apart, a staycation is the perfect way to make up for the lost time. In case you live together indoors, a change of scenery will make a whole lot of difference.

Mother’s Day gifts don’t always have to be from kids; even a husband can consider surprising his wife on Mother’s Day by gifting her a short vacation with their daughter. It can help you show your gratitude for everything your partner has done as a mother. If you want to explore more options, you could check out these Mother’s Day gift ideas for your wife and make her day memorable by appreciating her efforts.

So it’s time for action, here is a unique list of the best-selected breaks for the best surprise for your mum!

Let’s get started! 

1. A Shopping Spree 

We are sure that at some point in time when you are on a vacation with your mother, you must have shopped. 

This Mother’s Day, make sure that shopping doesn’t just have to be a part of your break, it can be your sole reason to travel, especially if the timeline aligns well with the reopening of non-essential retail.

To execute this plan, book hotels close to the shopping centres and design outlets in big cities like London, Manchester, Newcastle, York, and more. 

This trip can very well make up for the time you were locked inside your house; spending quality time together while shopping can help you bond with your mother even more.

2. Pamper Weekend 

Pamper weekend is one of the most ideal ways to spend your weekend with your mother. In this break, you can do nothing but treat yourself and your mother to some much-needed relaxation, away from the distractions of home. 

Whether you wish to take advantage of treatments like facials and massages, or simply want some bonding time, there are many destination spa weekends for you in our country. 

On that note, you should also consider looking at some retreats that might bring more positivity into your relationship. Look for the purpose and options of retreats that might help you serve it. 

For instance, a Yoga retreat is a common and fun way to bond with your mom this Mother’s Day. 

3. Beach Days 

You likely visited beaches when you were young with your parents; this Mother’s Day, rather than look back fondly at photos of beach holidays you enjoyed when you were young, relive them in person to treat yourself and your mother. 

The memories that will come back will make the mother-daughter duo teary, something that can account for a wholesome Mother’s Day. 

It is also a great way to relax on the beach, cycle on the promenade, reminisce about your childhood, and enjoy a good plate of fish and chips with ice cream (or two). 

All these plans are backed up with a fantastic view – we say it’s a win-win! 

Only this time, book a luxurious resort by the sea; there are beautiful places that are becoming increasingly popular. If not, choose a destination that really means something to you both. 

4. Food Walk 

We’ve all had a fair share of healthy eating days, a proper routine filled with work and meals planned according to advised calories intake. 

It’s time to let loose, just a little, and go crazy by planning a food walk for you and your mum. Think of all the possible places that you might have gone to when you were young, and revisit all those on this Mother’s Day. 

An alternative is to explore; eat something that none of you has tried before and enjoy the experience! 

If not, probably book for one special meal at a Michelin star hotel – after all, your mother deserves all the love on this special day! 

To Sum Up…

While stepping out is a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day, you shouldn’t underestimate the fun you might end up having at home. 

There are tons of options when it comes to activities to do at home to celebrate mother’s day, so consider exploring this option a little bit. 

For instance, you can plan a pamper day with an at-home spa, paint each other’s nails, gossip about almost everyone in your inner and outer world, and call it day. 

The important part is to understand the likes and dislikes of your mum before planning her day, and make sure she is relaxed all the time! 

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