How to design a small garden

Wish you could do more with your garden? Even a small garden has a lot of potential, it is just knowing what to do and how to design it. In order to work with the space, you have available you want to consider creating an illusion, adding features, focal points, and different levels of height.

Want to learn more about how to design a garden today? Find out 5 of our best design tips and tricks!

  1. Creating an illusion

Wall mirrors make your space seem bigger and at the same time add a lovely feature. Placing a mirror at the end of the garden will create an optical illusion and seem like there is more length to the garden than there actually is. You could also build a log cabin to have that fairytale feel as seen in all those Snow White movies. Having said that, if you’re thinking of a DIY cabin, check for the materials needed on sites like

  1. Height

Rather than thinking long, consider thinking up or down. Add features and focal points that require guests to use the vertical plane. Climbing plants give the garden life and a gorgeous aroma to walk through immediately.

Work at a number of levels, for example, if you want to add some small garden furniture, place hanging baskets above or around it as this will allow you to have guests in the garden and add a pop of color and nature to the space. This is a design tip that will enable you to get the best of both worlds.

  1. Divide the space

Split the garden up with trellis, screens, or foliage and create different areas and sections. You could also create sections with the help of a Post and Rail Fencing. This could work really well, specifically with a long and narrow garden if you do the following:

  • You can create a pretty walkway with a pergola or archway
  • Have a seating area with a garden structure over it
  • At the bottom of the garden create a cosy hideaway and extend living space
  1. Features

Introduce features like statues, ornaments, a pond, pool, or other water features to the garden. You can get many features that do not hog all your space, even pools in Corona can come in smaller sizes too. These features will add character and life to the garden making it a lovely, tranquil environment for you and your guests to soak up. If you are very space-conscious, consider features that can be placed against walls or are tall so you minimize the amount of space you are using.

A summerhouse or log cabin at the bottom of a long garden can create a cosy feel and bring more purpose to the garden. Turn it into a snug room or a bar that you can use when entertaining.

  1. Think Smart!

You have more space than you think. Pull-out bars that fold away or clip flat onto the wall are perfect for small gardens. Host and entertain as you would inside the house confidently out in the garden with this small touch.

Push up tables that either extend to seat more people or pop up into a higher table for guests to comfortably eat at. This allows you to keep the furniture at the smallest size and not crowd the space until you need it.

Multifunctional outdoor stools that you can store goods in as well as sit can be handy as you gain space for your belongings but also seating.

These 5 tips on how to design a small garden are just a handful of ideas that you can easily consider for your garden. Take some of these ideas and tailor them to suit your lifestyle and garden. Make the most of your garden no matter what size it is, the only limitation is your imagination!

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