How to get Free Instagram Followers and Likes Easily and Safely

From graduation photos to family vacations, Instagram is one of the few social media channels that will consistently deliver genuine brand experiences on a daily basis. In fact, we’re conditioned to expect authentic experiences on social media, and the payoff for our brands can be enormous. But without great engagement, whatever little engagement will get in the way of achieving full brand lift from Instagram.

These aren’t basic marketing tactics. They’re building an entire brand system. Make sure you keep an eye on how you measure social media engagement. Make sure your efforts stay balanced.

My three years of study have proven that social media is so important to our lives, the success of social media is the success of our brands. Keeping this in mind has helped me get a head start on building a successful social media marketing strategy.

But now, as much as we all know by now that it’s important to kick-start positive engagement on a social media platform such as Instagram by building up a following of people who will indeed engage with your content, the tricky part remains the very act of building up that following. This is where you’d do well to look towards tools such as GetInsta.

What is GetInsta?

Available for use on Windows as well as on your mobile device, GetInsta takes the hard work out of the process of garnering real, free Instagram followers, engagement in the form of “likes,” or both! Concerns you would justifiable have around safety and security are considerably catered to as the major advantage of using GetInsta, which is that of compliance.

There are some measures in place to offset any risk of getting your account banned or flagged for what would be any “suspicious” activity since real people with real Instagram accounts would effectively be adding to your followers and likes. I remember clearly getting a message, via the Windows version of the app, to come back later (I paraphrase, of course) to resume the actions forming part of the process of collecting coins to be later redeemed for likes and followers of my own. The reason cited was that the platform’s algorithm might flag too much activity within a very short space in time as being a bit suspicious, so I can personally attest to the safety of the platform.

So how does GetInsta work?

If you want to use GetInsta to get Instagram followers free and build up your interaction in the form of likes, for free as well, you’ll first need to decide what platform you’re going to use the app on. The Windows version supports versions going back to Windows XP, with the download only taking up 7.1MB. Otherwise, your mobile device running Android will need to have 3.5MB to accommodate the file from which the app will be installed.

Once installed on your preferred device, the GetInsta app will prompt you to add one or more of the Instagram accounts for which you want to get free followers and likes. If there’s no special promotion running, like the 1000 free Instagram followers trial, you can still get great value out of using GetInsta this way.

You’ll need to log in to your Instagram account via the app, after which you’ll instantly earn some “welcome coins” which you can add by simply completing the associated tasks to like other Instagram posts presented to you or following other grammers.

A certain number of coins allow you to then purchase likes and followers of your own, which are delivered instantly and safely.

So, getting Instagram followers and likes safely is as easy as downloading and using GetInsta!

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