Decorative Dining Room Ideas for Stylish Understated Dining

Whilst the dining room is a space for lavish dinner parties and celebrations, it’s not always necessary to have over the top décor and fancy details. Sometimes you just want a stylish yet understated space to dine peacefully with the family, in a space that feels warm, homely and inviting. By introducing simple decorative touches to the dining room, you can create the perfect neutral palette, that you can then add to on those special occasions. From the colour scheme to the furniture choices, here are a few key tips on how to decorate your dining room for a stylish, understated dining experience.

Neutral Colour Scheme

Before you can start to fill the room with essential furniture pieces or decorative touches, you need to settle on the right neutral colour scheme for your dining room. Having a neutral colour scheme is ideal for creating a warm, welcoming feel without having too much going on. It’s much easier to build upon a neutral colour scheme, made up of creams, browns and greys with bold decorative touches. Whether you’re opting for wallpaper designs or a simple paint solution, sticking to a neutral colour palette will ensure the space feels subtle yet chic.

Dining Table Features

Keeping things simple is a great way of encouraging understated dining, as you don’t want to have a busy, crowded feel in the dining room. Using large rustic wooden kitchen tables, for example, gives a simple yet elegant feel to the home, wherever you put it. You still want to have some kind of character within the dining room, however, and this can be achieved with some subtle decorative touches on the dining table. From a stylish candelabra to some pampas in a trendy vase, you can style your dining table to inject a touch of character into the room, whilst sticking to the neutral, chic aesthetic.

Online retailer Buster + Punch understand the importance of chic yet simplistic detailing, with a range of unique interior accessories for the home. Similarly, you can introduce key features to the dining table including a table runner, napkins, and placemats to provide a practical yet stylish finishing touch.

Comfort is Key

Investing in some quality furniture for your dining room is key to ensuring it’s comfortable and stylish for many years to come. From neutral dining chairs to a stunning wood table, you can create a gorgeous aesthetic with the simplest of touches. Once you’ve chosen your dining table and chairs, you can look to introduce additional features that will make the room feel comfortable and relaxing. Having the right balance of lighting is key for achieving this, helping to create the right atmosphere dependant on the time of day.

White Highlights

Incorporating white into your dining space can really help to lift the overall feel and create a fresh, inviting feel. White highlights are perfect for drawing the overall décor together perfectly, with features like white table runners, white candles, white curtains and even white artwork. Working with neutral colours is ideal when aiming for a subtle aesthetic and white highlights will add a chic finish to the room.

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