The New Way to Wash and Treat Your Hair

Your hair is an important part of your look and your hairstyle is only perfect when it’s clean and ready for the day. No matter your hair type, you can benefit from natural hair cleaning to bring your hair back to its original quality. Even if you’ve dyed, processed, or have many years of mistreating your hair, you can treat your tresses naturally to get them looking their best.

Natural Ways to Refresh Your Hair

– More and more people are using shampoo products that are free of sulfates. Sulfate free shampoo works with the natural oils of your hair to keep it moisturized and doesn’t strip away its natural shine.

– When your hair needs extra care, you can use products found around your kitchen for hair masks and treatment. An apple cider vinegar rinse is clarifying to remove shampoo buildup while hair masks made with mayo and egg whites add bounce and volume.

– To avoid build-up, wash your hair every other day at most! Any greasiness can be covered with dry shampoo, sprays, and powders to give your hair a chance to breathe.

– Avoid styling your hair with heat. If you can towel dry your tresses and use organic products such as leave-in conditioner and detangler, you can avoid heat damage to your hair. It may take a bit longer to get ready but this will save you the pain and money of repairing your fried hair.

What Ingredients Should I Look For in Natural Hair Products?

1. Aloe vera is fantastic to condition your scalp if your hair runs a bit on the dry side.

2. Coconut oil adds strength and nourishment to hair prone to breaking and can be used as a conditioner on the ends as well.

3. Charcoal can help grow hair by detoxifying the hair’s follicles and allowing new growths to shine through.

4. Shea butter and mango butter can be found in natural hair dyes to prevent coloring damage and condition the entire length of your hair.

Why Should I Choose Natural Hair Care Instead of My Regular Routine?

You may be used to a wash and style routine that works best for you to keep your hair looking great. However, your hair actually can get addicted to a regular routine and may express damage and dullness depending on your tress type. You can benefit from switching to a natural routine to restore the luster of your hair.

Natural products are meant to nourish your hair rather than change it. You may be attracted to products promising strength and shine; however, these cleansers are full of chemical ingredients that can clog up your hair follicles and cause breakage.

This doesn’t mean you have to give up on your regular hairstyle all together! When you’re determined to have your hair feel and look its best, there are many alternatives. Braiding damp hair can create beachy waves and natural leave-in conditioner can add texture and strengthening ingredients.

By going the natural route, you can keep your hair beautiful and shining without worrying about chemical damage. Choose ingredients that benefit your hair health and get ready to glow.

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