Ways to Make Learning Fun at Home

Though your kids spend several hours in school each day, their learning experience can be greatly enhanced with home reinforcement. From life lessons and basic educational skills, parents can encourage learning in a way that boosts their child’s self-esteem, confidence, and academic abilities. Instead of pulling out the lesson plan, chalkboard, and chalk, however, make learning at home fun with these creative activities: 

Create a Family Tree

One of the best things you can teach your children is about where they come from. Studies have shown that children who are aware of their history (good and bad) are more confident and have higher self-esteem than those who don’t.

A great way to teach your kids about their history and ancestors is to create a family tree. You can tell them about stories, have them talk to elders in the family for information, and even do an obituary search to find out as much information as you can. Your kids will have so much fun doing research, learning historical facts about their loved ones, and creating a family art project that will stick with them forever. 

Cook Family Meals Together

Believe it or not, cooking can be a very fun and creative way to enhance your kid’s educational abilities while also teaching them about life. The process of preparing a meal from start to finish has a lot of little lessons they can benefit from. By memorizing your recipes, they learn how to follow directions and solve problems. From measuring and pouring to sifting and mixing, kids also learn how to utilize their math skills while fine-tuning their cognitive abilities. 

Once they’re habituated to cooking with you, they would likely be curious to learn newer recipes. As the internet and public libraries may have several recipe books across multiple cuisines, you could select The Recipe Book that you feel is simple, and easy to understand. Give it to them, and they would try and learn the recipes of those dishes they find attractive and appetizing. Of course, you would have to supervise them the first few times, but once you have built enough trust to have them cook alone, encourage them to do so.

Though your schedule may not always allow you to prepare family meals together, finding at least one or two nights a month where you can come together as a family would be ideal. Allow your children to help with everything from deciding on what to cook, finding the perfect recipe, shopping for the ingredients, prepping ingredients, and finally preparing the meal. As you do this you’re not only helping them learn a valuable life skill, but creating precious memories you guys will treasure for a lifetime. 

Science Experiments 

From an early age, children have such inquisitive minds. They look at the world around them and want to know how it all works. As science directly or indirectly impacts every aspect of life, it’s only right that parents spend time allowing their kids to explore and learn. Science not only teaches them things ranging from the air we breathe to the way we get around, but it also gives children life skills like staying focused, formulating opinions based on experiment and observation, and having a greater appreciation for life and their place in it. 

There are lots of ways to teach kids about science at home, however, if you want to make it fun, science experiments are ideal. These are fun, affordable, and educational projects you can do as a family to learn more about the world around you. From making a volcano erupt or a tornado in a jar to making rock candy and dinosaur bones, there are so many different experiments you guys can try at home and have a blast. 

Start a Garden

An ongoing, educational, and fun activity that parents can do with their children at home is starting a garden. More than just planting seeds and waiting for something to sprout, gardening can teach your children a lot. In fact, having a family garden teaches your children how to follow directions, be responsible for something, work hard, how plants grow, and about nutrition. Gardening is also a great survival skill to have as an adult. 

You don’t have to have a large backyard or a big budget in order to start a garden. You can start a simple box garden, select a small area in your lawn, or start a window garden and it will have the same educational impact. Allow your kids to help you with everything from deciding what to grow to maintaining the garden as you wait for the harvest.
Every parent wants their children to succeed both in school and in life. While ensuring that your children are getting quality education in school is a large part of helping them to advance academically, reinforcing these lessons at home is of the utmost importance. Make learning a family fun experience by trying some of the activities listed above and help your children to become stronger students and even better human beings.

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