4 Terrible Ways To Distract Yourself While Driving

You might think you’re a perfect driver, and that means you can take your attention off the road because of your inherent skill set. However, recognize that everyone else on the street thinks the same thing and is going through the same distracting activities as you are. Add any lapse in judgment on the road, and a car crash will be imminent. So, keep your eyes on the road and avoid distractions!

For a bit of reverse psychology, consider four of the best ways that you can distract yourself while driving. One big one – falling asleep! Drive when you’re tired, see how great your reaction speed is when you haven’t gotten a good amount of sleep in the past week. 

Second, text your friends while you’re driving. Especially if you’re going fast, just nodding your head down for a few seconds means you will be cruising through a lot of open space. 

Third, eat your fast food while you’re driving. Enjoying your meal and keeping your hands away from your vehicles buttons, knobs, and wheels is a stellar idea. And lastly, take the time in your vehicle while you’re pushing the gas pedal to put on your makeup. Looking in the mirror is a great way to know what’s going on around you at all times.

Falling Asleep

As fast as you want to get somewhere, being tired while driving is a terrible idea. Every year, people get in car accidents because they fall asleep and drift around the road. As soon as you feel tired, make sure you pull over. Pushing through exhaustion is never a good way to drive to your destination.

Texting Your Friends

Texting and driving can get you and other people on the road killed. Nothing that you have to say to your friends is worth injuring yourself or anyone else, and it is certainly not worth getting in trouble with the law either. If law enforcement sees you texting and driving, in many states, they can pull you over.

Eating Fast Food

If you’re going to eat fast food in your vehicle, do it while your part. It takes some of your attention to open up burger wrappers, put ketchup on the patty, and then put the food in your mouth. In the time it takes that you are distracted by these actions, all sorts of things can happen on the road in front of you. Your best idea is to never eat while driving, because of the distraction factor and the fact that you won’t have both hands free.

Putting On Makeup

Some people have a terrible habit of putting their makeup on while they’re driving. Even if you think this is okay to do while you’re at a stoplight, it distracts you from the people around you and can create huge issues because you are not fully paying attention to when you should be stopping and going.

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