Tips For Sleeping With A Loud Sleeper

If you have a partner that snores, you know how much of a battle it is to get some rest next to a loud sleep. The worst thing about it is when you try to confront them about it, they are none the wiser that they snore. If only you could drown out the noise by getting them to look into snore-reducing aid recommendations, from somewhere like SERP ( and then you could both have a good night’s sleep. However, getting a night of good sleep is just not about snoring either. Some people grind their teeth, talk in their sleep, and even toss and turn with purpose.

It can be super challenging to get a full night’s rest with all this going on in the bed beside you. It helps to learn some positive coping skills, and even some crafty tricks to get your brain to bed. Here is a brief look at some effective tips for getting to sleep with a loud sleeper.

Get your partner checked for sleep apnea

If your sleep partner is a loud snorer, there could be more to the story. You should urge them to be seen by a specialist. Investigate the possibility of sleep apnea. More than half of all snorers are affected by sleep apnea, and it is a treatable condition.

If apnea is the culprit, your partner could be at risk for choking. Sometimes adults stop breathing, and they are not able to regain their breath. It’s vital that your partner see a doctor to rule out such conditions.

Move your partner into a new position

If your partner’s snoring wakes you up in the middle of the night, it may be helpful to reposition them. Sleeping on one’s back is the worst position for a snorer, so try rolling them over on their side. If you can’t move your partner, wake them up. Tell them to turn over, and they will likely submit to your request.

Purchase a supportive pillow for your partner

You could help your partner sleep in a quieter manner by investing in a specialized pillow. This method also helps for people who grind their teeth in their sleep. You would be amazed how important a good pillow can be for your quality of sleep.

Added support for the neck and head area of a loud snorer could help solve the problem altogether. It may not be that simple, but it’s sure worth a shot.

Wear earplugs to cancel out the sound

Wearing earplugs is another simple solution, but it’s important to keep your plugs fresh and clean. Dirty ear plugs could lead to some pretty uncomfortable ear infections. If you’re going to wear ear plugs on a regular basis, invest in the best.

Add some white noise to the room

Try adding noise to cancel out the unpleasant noises. There are numerous mobile apps that will provide ample white noise mixtures for your sleeping pleasure. Adding some white noise to the room will help your brain to tune out the sharp snores of your sleeping neighbor.

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