Keep Your Home Safe While You’re on Vacation With These 5 Tips

You’ve scrimped and saved every penny until you were able to afford that family vacation to Canada you have always wanted to take. Everything is set, your bags are packed, and the plane tickets are sitting by the door. The only thing that is worrying you now is keeping your home secure while you and your family are away. Luckily, there are quite a few ways that you can enjoy your vacation and not have to worry about things at home. 

Sign up for Secure Package Delivery/Stop Mail 

One of the biggest signs that someone isn’t home is mail piling up in the box, newspapers littering the porch, and packages in the doorway. Before you head out to catch the plane to your destination, make sure you have a system in place for secure package delivery, which will keep your parcels safe until you return and can pick them up. Once you’re done that, contact your newspaper delivery boy and the post office to put a halt on your mail and paper delivery until you return. After all, no one wants to return from traveling only to find their packages have been stolen and their home has been invaded. Don’t let intruders know you’re away. Make it hard for them, instead. 

Remove Your Spare Key

Most intruders know just where to look to find the spare key to your home. That’s why it’s important to remove any spare keys you have hidden outside before you leave for your vacation. No matter how well-hidden you think the spare key may be, it doesn’t take much for an intruder to find it when he has the time to look for it. If you’re gone, and the intruder knows that he has the time to find your key, he can easily let himself into your home to rob you blind. 

Pull the Plug on Electronics and Appliances 

Break-ins aren’t the only thing that could happen to your home while you’re away. That’s why it’s important to unplug your TV, appliances, and any other electronics that could be affected by a power surge to your home. Even the toaster can become a problem when no one is there to watch it. Unplugging your appliances and electronics will also help reduce your electric bill, so that’s two reasons to check everything before you leave for the airport. 

Have a Professionally  Monitored Security System Installed 

Your first line of defense against intruders breaking into your home while you’re on vacation is a home security system. However, you don’t want to go with just any security system. You want a system that is professionally monitored. There are some systems that allow you to self-monitor, but what good is that going to do you when you’re on vacation and can’t quickly get back home? Having a system that is professionally monitored means when that alarm goes off someone will be on their way to your house right away. Don’t forget to check your doors and windows too, to make sure they are secure. You may want to point a camera toward your garage to see if anyone tries that method of entry. To be extra safe, it might be wise to search for ‘garage door repair near me‘ if you have a worn down door, as this could make breaking in easier. You want to cover all your bases.

Don’t Advertise That You’re Going on Vacation

One of the worst things you can do, and it’s done all of the time, is to announce publicly that you’re going on vacation. Refrain from getting on social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter and letting the entire world know you’re going to be out of the country, when you’re leaving, and when you will return. Not only is this dangerous on a personal level, but you’re also opening yourself up to being burglarized while you’re gone. 

These are just a few tips for making sure your home is safe while you’re away on vacation. From keeping your whereabouts off social media to stopping your mail and parcels, following these tips will ensure you have a stress-free vacation and that everything will be fine at home.

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