Tips for a Happier Life

Look, there are definitely some things which are seriously bothering me about my own life and about life in general, but show me someone in existence who has the perfect life and I’ll give you a million pounds which I don’t even have! Sure, it appears as if most of us live filtered lives on social networks, taking extra care to only upload those photos of ourselves which flatter us and posting about our trips to exotic locations, etc, but that’s exactly what it is – it’s an act.

The question is though is “Why?” I mean we don’t owe anybody a perfect window into what appears to be our perfect lives, so why do we insist on pretending that everything is okay?

The truth is there will always be some issue you have to deal with – there will always be some problems or irritations which vary in their size and impact which loom large over your head, perhaps ready to mess up your entire life as you know it. It’s called life and amidst all of that is the need for you to find a way to be as happy as you can.

I’ll be the first to admit that my life is not perfect, but then nobody’s life is perfect. However, I spend more of my days enjoying myself and being happy than those on which I’m feeling really down, hopeless and even depressed. I like to use the analogy of the sunshine. During a typical day, the sun rises once and then sets once, with the daylight symbolic of the good times we have in our lives while the darkness inevitably symbolises some of the bad times.

While the sun shines you can not only enjoy the light and warmth to the fullest, but you can use that opportunity to perhaps “build yourself a light” which you can switch on at night when the sun sets, to extend the amount light you have access to. Naturally this artificial “light” won’t be anywhere nearly the same as that of the natural light of the sun, but I’m sure you catch my drift – make the most of the good times.

Finding a purpose

Find a purpose in your life – something which gets you out of bed in the morning, or whenever it is you wake up. For most of us this purpose is mere survival in that we have to work in order to provide for ourselves and our families but that just covers the bare basics. You should seek a higher purpose which is in itself a reward, while the journey towards uncovering that purpose is a key component of the secret to a happy life. So embrace the journey as well.

Friends & family

Take time to just check up on your loved ones, including your friends and family. It’s important to maintain these bonds because when times get tough, these are the people who will be there for you with the fact that you’re connected spiritually or by blood making for their only incentive to do so.


I intentionally left money as something to mention after Purpose, and Friends & Family as a key to a happier life, simply because there is just no downplaying the pivotal role it plays in everything under the sun. It’s not a matter of working to get rich in terms of the size of your bank account though, but rather taking the time to think about what it is you would do with all that money you want to have.

When you realise that there are other ways of getting all those things then you will have unlocked part of what it takes to enjoy a happier life.


Naturally you will need to do a lot of reflecting as you go along in your journey of life, but what’s important is being honest with yourself. Be honest with yourself with regards to what you want out of life, what you need and what avenues you can pursue in order to attain those needs and wants.

Finding your place in the world

Don’t accept things at face-value, for example a lot of what is referred to as entertainment these days doesn’t speak to me personally, so I don’t listen to all the latest pop music. Find your own place in the world and be real about what all which this life has to offer means to you, personally.

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