My Top Travel Destinations

As far as the weather goes, Oxford’s climate doesn’t get that much better than that of Cornwall where I grew up, so the weather definitely plays a big part of what I consider to be the best places to travel to. Going on a summer escape during the coldest days of the winter months is a tradition I’m happy to be honouring having inherited it from my parents, so I’m pretty sure you can guess what types of places I love to visit.

In case I need to spell it out specifically, what I love in a holiday destination is a dreamy, exotic location with all the holiday destination clichés – palm trees, white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters that assume the deep blue hue of the sky, and a totally chilled-out vibe. I understand that this is not for everybody, but I’m pretty sure just from the blog’s name – Radical Breeze you could have easily imagined something like a tropical ocean breeze blowing through my hair, perhaps as one of the inspirations for the name!

So here are some actual places I’ve been to which make up the list of my top travel destinations.


Quite an easy place to get to if you’re flying from Britain, albeit you will inevitably have to connect via the likes of South Africa, India, and even the Seychelles (which makes the list of my top destinations as well), Mauritius is as dreamy as warm and exotic getaways get. The best part about this Indian Ocean island is that it’s one of the most affordable to visit, which means one can stay longer.

Every bit as beautiful and exotic, with some beaches that will have you feeling like you’ve walked right into a postcard! I love the “sleepy” feel to coastal towns like Mahebourg in particular, where things don’t appear to get going until around nine each morning.

The Seychelles

I’m yet to visit a place more uniquely beautiful than Seychelles and we’re talking here just stepping out of the plane and trotting around the main island of Mahe. Apparently, it gets even more beautiful than the towering granite mountain just across the airport, if you go to some of the other islands like La Digue. Something to look forward to and save hard towards, I guess…

The Maldives

Both Mauritius and the Maldives give Seychelles a run for its money in terms of exotic beauty, but the Maldives has a lot of unique charm to offer. There’s hardly anything special you can get lost in on the main island however, which is why accommodation there appears to be a lot cheaper than what you’d expect of an exotic island country getaway. Explore some of the other islands as a matter of priority and you’ll get a good dose of what it means to enjoy an exotic, tropical island getaway.

Costa Rica

A strong contender for each of the travel destinations mentioned would be Costa Rica. With beautiful white sandy beaches only a 5-minute walk away, a Luxury resort in Costa Rica might just be the best place to stay while you’re out there. Your stay in the Latin American paradise could feature adventure-based or relaxing activities, depending on your inclination. These would include the likes of hiking, zip lining, scuba diving, surfing, sailing, and many others. Also, there may be many hot springs for you to choose from if you want to just take a dip and relax.

Phuket Island, Thailand

I absolutely love this island province south of the Thai mainland, simply because of just how friggin’ affordable it is for what it has to offer! So it is indeed connected to the mainland via a bridge, but it’s an island nevertheless, with a subtropical climate that makes it ideal for all the outdoor fun you can manage. It does have a little more of a hustle and bustle, but that’s probably because it’s a province and not an island nation.

Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan subcontinent is probably not a place you’d readily associate with a list of top travel destinations, but if you’re ever lucky enough to have been then you’ll understand why it should feature more prominently on such lists. Just like Thailand’s Phuket island, Sri Lanka is super-affordable – in fact I should call it what it is – super cheap!

It’s a great diving destination, which should say a lot about what it has to offer.


An island nation set in the Caribbean had to make the list, didn’t it? Okay, so Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic) perhaps also doesn’t feature in the typical list of exotic destinations to escape to, let alone in top Caribbean destinations to escape to, but it makes my list because I’ve been there and I know what it has to offer! It’s like Mother Nature knew she had limited space to display her beauty, so she went all out in all aspects, from the palm-tree lined beaches to the super-green interiors and glorious mountains!

When is my next holiday?

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