My Parenting Journey

The fact that I can even write about the fact that I’m actually a parent today is quite marvellous to say the least, to many other people in my life that it, but not me. You see for some reason I was actually told by the family doctor that I won’t be able to conceive and the suspicion was that it was related to the motorbike accident I had in my very early adulthood. The motorbike accident is a long story on of its own, which I won’t get into right now, but all you need to know is that I once dated a biker guy and got to experience the consequences of living on the edge.

I still go to the same family doctor – I mean I trust him with my life and his prognosis was backed up by some maternity specialists in any way, so it was as much of a “miracle” for all of us as it was for him to one day look me in the eye with a smile I’d never seen from him in my entire life – the kind that induces a twinkle in the eye, and tell me that I’m expecting a baby!

Long story short, after the accident I would suffer intermittent pain in the abdominal region along with other symptoms that are consistent with ovarian cancer, but I just knew in my mind and in my heart that the accident might have had something to do with it, which would have meant that the problem was mechanical in its nature, which in turn meant that over time it could be reversed somehow. So when I was told that I wouldn’t be able to conceive, there naturally was a bit of doubt about my non-belief of that prognosis, but overall I was convinced in my mind that what they’d meant to say was “You won’t be able to conceive in the near future, but later on in life you probably will,” and so I DID.

I have two lovely children today, very healthy and they get along really well, something which is largely attributed to the two-year age gap, so parenting so far has been utter joy! Naturally there are many challenges you deal with as a parent, one of which for me was seriously contemplating becoming a housewife and not working at all, but then a part of me couldn’t digest the prospect of being completely dependent on somebody else for my livelihood, albeit that somebody else is the best husband in the world. All sorts of things creep into your head and in all honesty I just couldn’t help it.

Luckily though, according to one of my core beliefs, candour and honesty come together to make up the pillar of a good life and so I communicated this to my husband, who was so supportive that he was in actual fact the catalyst for the creation and managing of this blog. Back then it was purely a parenting club, through which I would generate an income by running a day-care centre – I couldn’t bear being separated from the baby I was told I would never be able to have in the first place, so the hubby funded a day-care centre and I roped in some staff to help me raise other toddlers, including mine, while the parents were away getting the bacon.

How about that for being “normal,” hey?!

So anyway, it’s been a very interesting journey being a parent thus far, and yes, there are definitely some moments when the kids are sleeping (well, when they were younger mostly) and you look at them dreaming away peacefully, wondering just what possesses them at times to act like little demons!

Cornwall, where my parents live, is over four hours away by car, but I’m lucky to have my parents to turn to whenever things get a little difficult. After all, they raised me (and my siblings, one of whom is actually a cousin whose parents passed away, so he defaulted to “brother”). They’re also always a phone call away and that’s great, which is why I always share what I can by way of parenting tips since I personally have such a great support-structure.

Parenting is a journey to be savoured!

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