Reasons to invest in fabric buildings – Is it possible to save money?

If you don’t know what fabric structures are, they are semi-permanent to permanent structures that are built in order to combat the toughest environment for several decades. The fabric structures are usually engineered heavily to be durable, sturdy and weather resistant. They have the capability to offer you solutions for the long run and also Continue Reading

Jumpstart your business in the most business-friendly locations in the world

Jumpstarting a business can always be intimidating as entrepreneurs and investors have to choose the best possible location for starting a business. While there are several locations in the world that are extremely suitable for setting up a business but as there are too many places in the whole world, you need to follow a Continue Reading

The changing face of real estate – How is technology casting its spell?

With the ever-evolving market conditions, the real estate tech sector is gradually being redefined by the shifts in customer behavior. No, that doesn’t mean that real estate agents will be entirely replaced by technology but they will rather be replaced by agents with technology. The leaders of the real estate industry will be those who Continue Reading

Growing cannabis in a green house – A comprehensive guide for laymen

With the growing interest in marijuana, there is also a simultaneous growth in the interest of how cannabis can be grown inside a greenhouse. Medical science has reiterated the health benefits that this plant has on human body and since then, apart from being used for recreational purposes, marijuana is also being used for its Continue Reading

Laser marking and its little-known benefits – How does the process help?

Lasers are used in different areas where there is a requirement for permanent marking that is not only cost-effective but also aesthetically demanding and informative. Laser marking is leveraged in several industries through which components, products and articles can be given lifetime traceability via plain texts, graphics, codes or matrix codes. In laser marking, laser Continue Reading

The burgeoning sex toy selling business – It is becoming a multi-billion dollar industry!

The online sex toy industry is gradually burgeoning to become a $15 billion industry. With a staggering CAGR of 8%, this industry is all set to exceed the $50BN mark by the time it’s 2020. According to market research, it was seen that the biggest proportion of sales was mainly due to the 3 types Continue Reading

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