Ways Eco Shopping Bags Reduce Pollution Outside of Reducing Plastic

Eco shopping bags are obviously a major boon for the entire world. They help cut back on the use of throw-away plastic bags that fill up landfills and take forever to disappear. They also get tossed all over streets and parking lots outside of stores by irresponsible shoppers.

However, they don’t just cut back on pollution caused by the production and waste of plastic. They also help cut back on other forms of pollution that have more to do with our supply chain.

Take a look. It might surprise you.

1: Reduced Freight Transportation

The bags you find in a store don’t just miraculously appear there. They have to be transported there via semis, planes, boats, etc. All of the vehicles used to make these massive bag deliveries to practically every store have massive emissions levels.

Eco-friendly shopping bags aren’t immune to that problem, either. They still need to be transported to stores via complex supply routes. However, you have to consider the fact that eco-friendly bags get reused.

Why is that important? Well, it lowers the demand for bags. Someone who has already purchased 20 or so reusable shopping bags won’t have to buy more for months or even years depending on which bags they got. That means that manufacturers aren’t incentivized for overproducing them; they’ll just be left with a massive overstock if they do. Also, it means that the bags won’t be shipped out to stores as frequently, and that cuts back on the use of heavy transport machinery to move them around the world.

It will likely be a long time before we completely eliminate the emissions caused by necessary supply chain transportation, but by using products that don’t need to constantly be reordered, we can cut back on how much that transportation equipment is used.

2: Lower Manufacturing Demands

Just like the freight hauling demands we discussed above, the manufacturing demands for reusable, eco shopping bags, are lower.

If consumers are buying a few bags at once, and then not having to buy more for a while, the manufacturer doesn’t have to make as many at once.

Considering all manufacturing equipment, unless the company does everything by hand, and generates emissions and pollution, this is key. Again, we can’t get rid of all the pollution involved with manufacturing for a long time, but by lessening the number of manufacturing processes we do every day, we can make a huge impact.

3: Cleaner Manufacturing with Positive Environmental Benefits

Processing canvas or paper bags is incredibly clean. There are down-the-road pollution trails because the equipment still requires electricity that is powered by fossil fuels, but there are fewer emissions from the material manufacturing, and the equipment isn’t nearly as toxic.

Also, when it comes to paper bags, invasive seaweed species can be used instead of trees. That means that you can actually support protecting coastlines while getting high-quality, eco-friendly, paper bags.

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As you can see, it’s not just about reducing the amount of plastic in landfills. Eco-friendly shopping bags can help in other ways, too.

Pick up some eco shopping bags, today.

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