How to Help Ukraine Families and Children Post the Crisis

The Ukraine conflict has led to the fastest and largest displacement of families in Europe in recent times. The amount of destruction and the negative impact that the families and citizens of the country have gone through is unimaginable. There has been a lot of destruction to civilian infrastructure, schools, and hospitals, and recovering is quite a hard task. Whenever there is a situation where children and families have to flee from their motherland, there is an increased chance of children getting separated from their families, leading to sexual exploitation, child abuse, human trafficking, and gender-based violence. To help Ukrainian refugees and children, one can show support through various methods.

Read on to find out more about this grave issue.

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Each step and initiative matters. With that said, here are a few ways one can contribute towards the noble cause of helping families during a crisis.

·        Volunteer

Volunteering is possible in a variety of communities and programs dedicated to assisting Ukrainian refugees. Several social communities are welcoming volunteers to join them to provide compassion and support and help the refugees rebuild their lives in a new way in the US as they arrive. Volunteers will be informed to take the initiative on tasks such as airport pickups, transportation, apartment set-ups, and other related tasks to help Ukrainian refugees live better lives in the US.

·        Donate to support the Ukraine refugees

As millions of refugees fled from Ukraine post-crisis, they all needed financial support to start a new life in a new country. By donating some amount to different support communities and organizations, one can help neighbors to start a new life. By donating, one can provide emergency medical facilities, temporary housing, temporary daily expenses, and financial support to refugee families.

·        Pray for the Ukraine refugees

Today, thousands of people have joined in prayer meetings and mediation sessions keeping Ukraine refugees in mind. One can show compassion by joining these prayer meetings for the Ukraine refugees.

·         Advocate for the Ukraine Refugees

Another method of showing support towards the Ukraine refugees is by joining communities to call on the administration to prioritize the needs of the Ukraine refugees by applying new models and initiatives to rebuild the refugee program as fast as possible. This way, the government will be triggered to provide more essential services to the refugees, such as medical services, food services, temporary residential services, and so on.

·        Show solidarity with the refugees on social platforms

One can spread awareness through social media about the present condition of the citizens of Ukraine and show solidarity with them.


About 6.8 million Ukrainian citizens have fled the country since February 24th, 2022. Apart from this, about 8 million people are displaced within the country itself, leading to a total of 15 million people being forced to leave their homes. The current situation in Ukraine is dire and it’s high time that every individual should take a step forward to help Ukrainian refugees in the best possible way and contribute towards humanity. 

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