10 Photobooth theme ideas for your wedding venue in Chennai

“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone!”

And weddings are big moments. All the photographs or pictures are not just the memories for the family but also for all the friends and guests who have been a part of the celebration. 

Bride and Groom, make sure to put up a photobooth/Selfie Corner in the wedding functions these days. Also, don’t forget to hire the best professional photographers in Chennai to capture each and every moment of your special day.

Photo Booth literally adds life to wedding photos. They are colorful, vibrant and a fun corner for the guests to tweak around.  

Even though it’s not something new, the wedding planners are not leaving any stone unturned to surprise us with something fresh and unique based on your wedding destination. Starting from exceptionally beautiful vintage decorations, fun and playful props, floral backdrops, DIY-ables, Eco-friendly decorations or something quirky which gives personalized touch, they are included all into the wedding photo booths. 

Here is all the inspiration you need to hype your photobooth. 

Pin your favorites and Get,Set,Pose!

1. Victorian, Vintage and Rustic: Considering the wedding destination – Chennai, which is full of vintage & victorian architecture, something which would make the photo booth more outstanding would be rustic decorations. Lush greens, fresh cherry blossoms paired with rough adornments, your wedding logo or hashtag in backdrop would make a stunning photo booth. 

2. Social Media Buzz: Facebook and Instagram hangings which are not only fun but innovative for posing. As a personalized touch, getting printed the wedding hashtag on the frames. A separate wedding date cut out frame to keep it simplistic and subtle. 

3. Madras Mela: As the name of the theme itself says it all, prepping the photo booth with 

Madras Tint to it, checkered Lungi’s and several black color sunglasses, vintage ‘haath gaadi’, yellow auto-rickshaw or bicycle decorated with flowers. This would be quite peppy for the guests and would be a memorable part of the wedding. 

4. Say ‘Yes’ to Eco-Friendly: Being friendly towards our environment and designing the photo – booth with minimal usage of resources for example: colorful paper flowers, hand fans of several vibrant colors and many more such stuff.

5. Quirky Signages: Getting printed different dialogues, hashtags and short captions in the form of signages and preparing a floral backdrop would look quite extraordinary. The guest would get a pretty variety of options for selecting the signages, posing and getting clicked. 

6. Frame Theme: Frames are in trend currently. Fix some colorful frames on the cardboard wall and get your pictures done with your buddies. Even the frames decorated with garlands or such are used with single picture photographic moments. Stuck up some old photographs and walk down the memory lane if you have a story to tell your guests.  

7. Bollywood Theme:  Are both of you Bollywood Hooligans? Then, it is the right time to add a lively touch of Bollywood to your Indian Wedding photo booth. Take up some desi, filmy props, kind of which are used in movies and copy the poses of your favorite actors within the booth. Add signages of some funny movie quotes or dialogues to decorate the booth more creatively. 

8. Carnival: As it is an Indian Wedding, you can add a lot of vibrant colors, flowers and make it extravagant. Adopting the idea of carnival and molding it into the spirit of the ceremony. Decorate the scooty, or some ethnic trinket, keep some ‘pagdis (turbans), hang hollow carved frames, drape some sattin dupattas, mirrors, and colorful tassels. All of this would definitely make for a perfect carnival theme for your wedding. 

9. Wreath of Flowers: These days, we spot huge wreaths at weddings. This floral wreath with hints of pink and yellow flowers, can be the best photo booth for the wedding ceremony. The coral tent and bright boxes in the behind as backdrop would give a colorful vibe. 

10. Must have Jhoola:  You must have seen multiple brides sitting on jhoolas and clicking pretty pictures. Don’t forget to ask your wedding planners to put a jhoola in the ceremony. It can be decorated with red flowers, colorful tassels are stealing our heart. 

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