Is a Fishing SUP Worth it?

If you’ve been an angler for any real length of time, you’re probably like most others; you yearn to get out on a boat and reach all those spots you simply can’t get to from the bank.

Expert sportfishers tend to hire an Inshore Fishing Charter in crystal river or a similar charter in fishing hotspots across the country. However, if you’ve already tried that, or if you find that you want a more solitary or mobile option, then you can look into smaller alternatives.

One particular method is becoming increasingly popular these days; A fishing SUP, or “stand-up paddleboard”, is becoming a new go-to for anglers around the world. 

Are they worth it, though? Will a fishing SUP get you to those difficult-to-reach spots safely, and help you nab the big one? 

Let’s take a look at the benefits. 

1: Price

We alluded to this earlier, but a fishing SUP costs a lot less than even a cheap boat, and you can get one that is absolutely decked out with features for the same price you’d pay for a cheap paddleboat or Jon boat without anything more than a seat. 

Considering this is the main reason most anglers end up stuck on the bank, this aspect of a fishing SUP makes the most difference. It makes “boat” fishing more accessible for a far larger audience. 

This doesn’t mean it’s cheap, though. A less expensive fishing SUP will easily cost you a few hundred dollars, and fancier models can cost a couple of grand. That’s still far cheaper than a boat, though. 

2: Stability

Just being able to float around on the water doesn’t make something great for fishing. Fishing is a much more active activity than most would think. You need a stable craft that will keep you safe while you wrestle in your personal record, and that’s what worries most anglers when they start looking at fishing SUPs. 

Well, you can put your mind at ease. Fishing SUPs aren’t just boards that float around. They’re wide, long, and built to remain stable. This means that you can safely wrestle in a big bass or catfish without worrying about your SUP flipping. 

Most fishing SUPs also have grippier surfaces to prevent you from slipping off, too. 

3: Features 

Fishing SUPs are more than their racing, yoga, or general use counterparts. They’re not just boards you ride around on; they’re outfitted with the features you need to fish effectively

In the cheaper price range, you’ll usually get non-slip surfaces and a few attachment points you can use to add your own upgrades. In the more expensive range, you’ll find features such as storage compartments, rod holders, tie-off points, and more. Beyond being on a board, you’ll get most of the features you could expect from a boat at a fraction of the price. With the right setup, you can even go trolling; of course, you’ll be paddling instead of using a motor. 

Are They Worth it?

Not only are fishing SUPs more cost-effective than other fishing boat options, but they’re also safe and packed with the features you need to properly fish. If you’re unable to stand and paddle, a fishing SUP might not be for you. However, most able-bodied people will absolutely love the fishing SUP experience. 

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