Geneva is a city in Switzerland, the biggest one on the French side. And it is worth spending a weekend at. It is a gorgeous city, filled with chocolate mountains, amazing history, and adventures that would stun you. A tour of Geneva is one of the most fascinating things around, making you feel like you have travelled to more cities. The unique city tells a lot of stories, bustling with life, surrounded by mountains and lakes. 

If you are looking for a romantic destination to take your partner to, then Geneva is the right place for you. With quite many beautiful places to see, engaging activities to do, and magnificent rooms to sleep in, your weekend is going to be the best you’ve had in a long time. 

To spend a weekend, you have to book a hotel or a place where you can pass one or two nights depending on when you land in the city. Here are some of the best hotels to use to experience a romantic weekend in Geneva;

1.  LES ARMURES: Historic, enchanting, and perfect location are words that describe the charm of this hotel. It has beautiful rooms and one of the finest cuisines you would find in Geneva. It is surrounded by the shopping district, a lake and also the main museums. 

The rooms are well furnished as well as air-conditioned, so irrespective of the weather you would be comfortable. It would interest you to know that this place has welcomed special guests such as Bill Clinton and John. F. Kennedy and quite several others.

2.  BEAU-RIVAGE GENEVE: A great advantage of lodging in this hotel is that it is situated in the heart of Geneva. This makes it close to places like Lake Geneva and Mont. Blanc. The Beau-rivage is an exciting place to be if you enjoy Thai cuisines as they offer them. 

3.  EASTWEST HOTEL: Home away from home can be used to describe this hotel. Also located in the heart of Geneva, the hotel has a mix of everything. From Western traditions to modern technology to contemporary decorations. Here, the rooms are super comfortable, and very elegant and they are all equipped with modern facilities such as Air-conditioning or a heater, free internet access, cable TV, etc.

4.  HOTEL D’ANGLETERRE: This hotel is a top-rated one for couples who want to have a luxurious romantic time. It is set at the waterfront right in the heart of Geneva. The great thing about this hotel is that you and your partner have the option to be in a secluded area where you can get the quiet time you desire. It also allows you and your partner to focus on one another, blocking out every other noise around.

5.  HOTEL LONGEMALLE: The interior design of this place would surprise you as it is very stylish. So, if you are looking to get a hotel with great design and elegant look, you should consider Hotel Longemalle. They have buffet service for breakfast and it can be eaten in your room or on the terrace to get a view.

Furthermore, we have to look at romantic places to visit to make your weekend a memorable one as you cannot be confined to your hotel room the whole time. Some exciting things or activities to engage in are;

1.  Geneva City Tour and Boat Cruise

This experience would allow you to explore one of the greenest cities in Europe. If you want to see bits of everything in Geneva, then this is one of the best ways to do it.  

2.  A Visit to Café Zinette

Café Zinette is rated as one of the most romantic restaurants in the gorgeous city of Geneva. Bringing your partner here is signing up for the hottest moments of your trip. They have a varied selection of drinks and food and there’s so much to enjoy from. The atmosphere is not left out as it is very cosy and comfortable to have a nice time with your partner. 

Café Zinette also has a terrace outside where you can sit to eat when it’s warm. The terrace has a special view to enjoy as you feast on the mouth-watering dishes.

3.  Night Walk in Geneva’s Old Town

Taking a walk at night with your partner is one of the most romantic gestures you can think of. While walking, you would take in the beauty of this Swiss city in all of its glory. If this is your first time coming to Geneva, then you are sure to fall in love with the city on your night tour. 

4.  Maison Cailler

You can’t come to the city of Geneva without trying its chocolate, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Switzerland is popularly known around the world for its luxurious chocolate which happens to be one of the main exports in the country. So, if you are interested in more than just eating the chocolate but knowing about it also, Maison Cailler is the place to be. And Geneva happens to house one of the oldest chocolate Factories in Switzerland.

In Maison Cailler, you would learn about the chocolate history, the process of making it, and even get to taste some of the creations. Chocolate adds to the romance, so this place should be part of your bucket list when visiting Geneva for a romantic weekend. 

5.  Gourmet Food Experience.

Geneva is widely known for its gourmet food, which implies that you must try out a food tour with your partner on this visit. Sampling different delicacies can be really exciting, especially in this Swiss city. You’ll get to eat meals like dry meat, ham, truffle paste, pork, etc.

6.  Skiing

Geneva offers private ski lessons so you don’t have to worry if you are completely new to skiing or you already have an idea about it. This private lesson is an opportunity for couples to bond as they get to try out new things together. The instructor will take you through all the basics of skiing. They would even go further to show you around the mountains as well as the best spots to eat while you are there.

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