Benefits of Move-In Move-Out Cleaning Service

After weeks or even months of planning, preparing, prepping, and packing, it’s finally time for the big move! Although it’s an exciting time, it can also be a high-stress time. The last thing on your mind is likely cleaning your new home before you move in or your old home after you leave. Packing and moving are exhausting – physically and emotionally. Using a move-in or move-out cleaning service ensures your home is move-in ready, whether it’s for you, the new owner, or a tenant. A cleaning service can save you time and preserve your sanity. Here are some of the main benefits associated with hiring a professional cleaning service for your moving-in or moving-out needs:

  1. Reduce Stress

Cleaning the home is probably pretty low on your to-do list. According to a study, 45% of Americans rank moving as the most stressful life event. Ease some of the stress by hiring a professional to handle the cleaning so you can focus on other stuff you’ll want to do yourself, such as unpacking and decorating. 

  1. Ensure It’s Clean and Sterile

If a house has been vacant, it may be filled with dust and other allergens. If the home is not vacant, who knows what dirt and germs the prior owner may leave behind. Family members that suffer from allergies, asthma, or any respiratory issues will breathe easier in a freshly cleaned home. A professional cleaning service can scrub and sanitize every nook and cranny to ensure the home is fresh and sterile – ready for living.

If it’s a home you’re moving out of, cleaning the home can make it more appealing to prospective buyers. Your contract may even stipulate the home has to be “broom-clean”, which means the floors should be clean and the home free of any debris. If you’re a tenant, your landlord could keep part of your security deposit if you fail to clean it after moving out.

  1. Your Home Will Stay Cleaner Longer

Cleaning an empty home is the best way to ensure everything gets cleaned. Professional cleaning services have special techniques and tools that will get your house cleaner and keep it that way longer. If you were to do a quick clean when you move in, you’d likely find yourself having to clean again in just a few days. 

  1. Save Money on Supplies

You won’t need to buy any special equipment or supplies if you decide to utilize a professional cleaning service. These companies have top-quality products and equipment that are expensive to buy. Moving is expensive enough without having to worry about buying cleaning supplies. For instance, if you want the carpets cleaned, you’d have to rent a steam cleaner – which is both costly and inconvenient. Professionals will know natural home cleaning methods that will benefit you in the long run, so you are not shelling out a lot of money.

Although it is possible to clean your home yourself before you move in or move out, hiring a professional takes one more time-consuming and unpleasant task off your to-do list. Spend the time focusing on other things like exploring the neighborhood and new surroundings. 

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