A Scottish Paddle Boarding adventure

Watersports are on the rise in the UK, as people search for a dose of adrenaline; and paddle boarding in particular is one of the most popular of these watersports. If you are in search of a fun paddle boarding experience and want to explore some of the UK’s best aquatic areas; this guide might convince you to spend your next holiday venturing through some of Scotland’s stunning landscapes on your paddle board.

Venture into some of Scotland’s most remote and wild areas

When you are looking for the best places to explore on a paddleboard, we recommend spending some time exploring the aquatic areas that North West Scotland has to offer.

Containing some of the country’s wildest landscapes; it truly is an awe inspiring location, filled with pockets of water that seem perfect to be discovered on a paddleboard and where you can really connect with your surroundings.

With your paddle board in tow, you should venture out to the stunning inland Lochs of Inver in Assynt. Here you can soak in the wonderful sights of Enard Bay; which stretches over 4 miles long and contains some small settlements, inlets and golden strips of sand. One of the best bits of exploring Loch Inver is the remote Soyea Island that you can visit.

Soyea Island is an uninhabited rocky island, mainly populated by sheep, but despite the lack of human life it is still a great wild location to have a look at. If you plan on taking a foot on the island, you can paddle to the Island’s bay on the north east shore where you can get out of the water and place your paddle board. The island is full of lovely delights, including views of seals who like resting on the flat slabs of rock that stick out of the sea; but we’ll let you discover the rest of the Island’s treasures if you decide to visit.

Another location in this brilliant area is Loch Lurgainn. Popular with anglers due to the many trout in the loch, when you are paddle boarding there you can look over the ridges of the famous Stac Pollaidh. These mountainous surroundings make you feel as if you are paddle boarding through a section of Middle Earth, and the loch also has some of the finest hidden sandy beaches you will ever see, so you can soak up the sun like you are literally in New Zealand filming Lord of the Rings.

There is no need to rush, we advise that you set aside a decent chunk of time to explore these areas at your own pace and whilst staying safe. 

We would definitely suggest that you either go with a guide, or make sure that you have a good understanding of the area and have put in lots of training at one of the many places that will offer you paddle boarding lessons. At these lessons, you can learn the necessary skills for paddle boarding, top tips and any handy-hints to give you the confidence to enjoy your great adventures on the water. With these skills you can explore the islands and beaches of your choice, whilst remaining safe.

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