Wedding Place Card Ideas

Wedding place cards are a fashionable way to receive guests at a wedding reception. They are considered part of decor but for organization and direction. These cards control the crowd and welcome the guests to their arranged positions. 

What Is a Wedding Place Card?

A wedding place card is information placed on reception tables and contains the guests’ names to help them locate their sitting position. Generally, cards are placed on each table to invite guests to their seats. The card also contains dinner that will be served during the event. 

Do I Need Wedding Place Cards?

Wedding place cards can never be wrong in an event. It adds elegance and organizes your ceremony. The cards help your guest feel at ease and direct food vendors on the food delivered to each table. The cards are usually small, but their role in a wedding is consequential. 

Generally, people cherish being recognized on occasion, and wedding cards are a good example. Every guest would be happy to see his/her name highlighted on a table name card. This article has combined some glamorous wedding card ideas for the reception.

1. Marble Place Cards

These cards are elegant and modernly made with a touch of event scent. These cards are flexible for occasions such as mini coasters for guests.

2. Acrylic Hexagon Escort Cards

These cards are in tile form and ultra-attractive for your wedding or special day. Each card is handwritten with the desired colour. You can choose the shape, size, plain, or stroke. 

3. Laser Cut Wood Place Setting

The card is usually used to identify a personal table. These cards are flexible for garden parties, barn weddings, glam ballrooms, etc. 

4. Zoo Wedding Place Card Holders

These wedding animals will leave your guest impressed. These cards are customized into different colours such as silva, gold, bronze, copper, rose gold, champagne, and gunmetal. Each order contains varieties of animals which you can change to your taste.

5. Wooden Wedding Coasters

Wooden wedding coasters come in four colours and three designs. The cards represent peace and are personalized to suit a wedding. They are placed at the table for a wedding favour.

6. Wedding Place Cards Laser Cut

These cards are personalized with guest names and catchy. They can be created in more than 20 fronts and many colours. You can select the designs and colours for your wedding taste. 

Winery Wedding Place Card Holder

Best for reception used with its lush and colourful garden looks. These cards are designed to suit different occasions with over 28 colours. The cards can be created blank and mixed with rose colours, generally used for bridal showers.

7. Agate Escort Cards

Peculiar and elegant cards to catch your guest’s attention. The colours are rainbow-like and are designed with handwriting calligraphy using white, silver, copper, or gold ink.

Round Acrylic Wedding Place Cards

These cards are clean, simple, elegant, and modern. They add a finishing touch to an event with a hole to add ribbons to suit your decor. They are in 32 different colours.

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