How Are Paper Mailing Bags Made

The increased focus on sustainability and further penetration of E-commerce has increased the demand for paper mailing bags. The emphasis on sustainability is no longer confined to environmental action groups and policy works in high places.

More and more customers have it as a consideration for consumers who are more aware that their consumer patterns directly affect the environment. If you are one such consumer, a seller who needs to use these mailing bags or a person concerned with the environment, you might want to understand the manufacturing process of the bags.

Understanding can probably help you find out if the process is sustainable. Also, you may want to see if the bag will get the shipment where you want it taken.

Materials Used

Paper mailing bags are made of paper and cards. The materials from which they are made are usually a combination of card and Kraft paper which is quite thick. Manufacturers have to factor in the different sizes of items to be shipped. Some bags can handle shipments as wide as eight centimeters, while others are designed for flatter products. Those intended for the flatter products are more considered to be envelopes.

The thickness and sturdiness of the material used to make these bags make the paper quite suitable for the different situations the shipment is bound to encounter on the way to its destination. They have to be handled by different people a little carelessly. These people usually have many parcels to deliver within a set timeline, and they may not have time to take the packages with care. The paper can withstand all the impacts and the expected wear through the shuttling. These mailing bags are also designed to keep the shipment dry, even in some wet conditions. It does this while it remains completely biodegradable.

Colour Coding

The manufacturing process might also include colouring and distinguishing shipments from particular companies. The colour might also be used to differentiate products in the same stable so that you can tell the type of a product in a package by just seeing the box. Colouring is, therefore, an integral part of the manufacturing process of these bags if the seller uses colours this way.

Sealing Adhesive

The best way to keep these boxes shut is to include the adhesive to seal the envelope. Therefore, adding strong adhesive becomes an essential step in manufacturing the bags. A bag without this kind of pre-applied adhesive makes packaging difficult and time-consuming. The package might get messy due to the adhesive getting on parts of the paper on which it was not meant to convey.

Labelling and Marking

The client can ask the manufacturer to label the mailing bags with information on the contents of the mailing bag. The mailing bag manufacturer can also include distinguishing markings for their client’s brand.

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