Add Character to Your Home with These Handmade Statement Pieces

Want to add a splash of your personality or character into your home? Here are some tips and tricks that are easily customisable, ready to make every room as unique as you are.

Traditional Wooden Cuckoo Clock

Hand-carved from wood by expert craftsmen in the Black Forest Region of Germany, traditional cuckoo clocks are, in many ways, the ultimate vintage statement wall hanging. Whether carved and stained or hand-painted by skilled clockmakers, cuckoo clocks offer a taste of the quirky with a handmade luxury edge.

Adding some natural textures, especially wood, can make a space seem more connected with nature. This can help us feel calmer and give the room a warm and inviting feeling, making cuckoo clocks the perfect addition for those wanting to add character to their homes.

Ornate Gilt Frame

Another eye-catching addition, which can help create a room bursting with character, is a gilt frame. Although ornate, rococo-style frames are available now, it ups the unique factor if they are sourced from local second-hand or antique shops. Once you’ve collected your frames, why not fill them with children’s drawings, pieces of art from a local artist, or even a surrealist-style college, made from cuttings from newspapers, magazines, or wrapping paper – the possibilities are endless!

Quirky Gallery Wall

Why not add a combination of the above, along with some other bits of “found art” to create a truly unique gallery wall? Try adding framed fabrics or collections of weavings to add texture to the wall. This, combined with some framed Andy Warhol Artwork (or artwork from a similar artist) and a hand-painted cuckoo clock, is sure to give your home a great sense of cosiness and showcase your personality.

Antique Rug

Gone are the days when people used to avoid rugs on purpose due to their tiresome cleaning process. Thanks to advanced technological equipment and professional cleaning services offered by Chem-Dry Of Charleston and similar firms elsewhere that maintaining the spotless appeal of your favorite floor covering is easy. Owing to these reasons, you may want to look into the many available options of rugs in the market. Whether you want the understated luxury of an Afghan rug, the retro feel from a woolen mid-century rug, or a simple, sustainable jute-made design, a rug can help make a strong statement in any room. Top tip! When it comes to rugs, it is worth bearing in mind that the larger, the better – getting a rug that feels too small for the room can ruin the sense of space.

No more do you need to think about a few drops of wine or even a splash of sauce on your precious purchase. As said earlier, it is because you can now get your carpets cleaned by professionals like those found in VIP Carpet Cleaning (more here about them). However, it still would hurt to be a bit more careful with your rugs!

Handmade Patchwork Quilt

When it comes to adding some extra cosiness to your home, a patchwork quilt is a classic. Whether you collect your scrap fabric, some wadding, and a needle, ready to handcraft your very own quilted masterpiece, or buy a second-hand quilt online, the one-of-a-kind pattern is sure to add a quirky and wholesome feel to your home.

This is also a great way to use up spare materials you may have lying around the house, giving an eco-friendly edge to your home.

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