Eco Parenting: Baby Products That Won’t Cost the Earth

Organic Cotton Baby Clothes

Organic cotton is a breathable material made using less water and energy than regular cotton and without harsh chemicals — making it a great option for eco-conscious baby clothes. As organic cotton is handpicked, it is also more durable, meaning it can take more wear and washing without needing to be replaced. UK-based company Little Seeds specialises in organic cotton baby clothes, as well as organic cotton swaddles, muslins and baby sleeping bags. 

Washable Nappies 

Reuseable or washable, nappies are a great switch for eco-conscious parents. There are different types to consider, however. Some have two parts (easier to wash and dry), while others are all-in-one and so might involve a little more organising. Some companies are now offering rentable nappy packs — another way to ensure sustainability. Some washable nappy kits come with their own nappy bin, which can help make the washing routine swift and easy.

Eco Baby Bottles 

Another item that new parents will want to stock up on is baby bottles. But before you dive into buying plastic versions, why not opt for a type that can be used again and again — and can change and grow with your baby. Some reusable baby bottles are made with stainless steel and have changeable tops that span an infant’s early life. As well as being a great alternative to plastic, the changeable tops mean the bottles don’t have to be thrown out when your baby outgrows their nipple bottle tops and moves on to a sippy cup. They are also great at insulating liquids, meaning prepared milk will stay warm for longer.

Reusable Food Pouches 

One tempting on-the-go option for parents is the single-use food pouch. However,  although convenient, they aren’t the most eco-friendly option. So for those parents who want to ensure feeds on the move are as eco-friendly as possible, why not invest in a set of reusable food pouches? Usually dishwasher-friendly, cleaning and reusing these pouches is simple and safe. They can be a money saver in the long run too!

Green Dummies

Another plastic baby product that can be swapped for a greener alternative is a dummy. There are some great all-natural materials used for making durable dummies and teething toys, which make for a great plastic alternative. For example, rubber or bamboo dummies are durable and non-toxic, making them the perfect option compared to the unsustainable plastic versions. 

Biodegradable Potties

When the time comes, parents can plan to opt for a biodegradable potty over a plastic version. Mostly made of bamboo and rice husks, the biodegradable potties are durable enough to withstand the ups and downs of potty training. Once you’re finished with the potty, you can leave it outside where it will start to degrade — much kinder to the planet than adding another plastic item to the landfill heap!

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