Are Luxury Bristol Serviced Apartments Worth the Money?

Bristol is one of the UK’s best locations for tourism, business, and city living. There is a massive commercial sector that provides all the experiences you expect plus a ton of things that you can’t experience elsewhere such as the historic harbour restaurants, the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Cabot Tower, and more. Not to mention, it’s a premier spot for business, and countless business professionals find themselves having extended stays in the city to open new locations, conduct mergers, and more.

There are a ton of things to do in Bristol, but where do you stay when you’re here? Well, if you’ve looked it up for more than five minutes, you’ve probably seen countless articles and listings for luxury Bristol serviced apartments. These apartments are similar to hotels as you pay per night and simply checkout at the end of your stay, but they provide a much more luxurious and home-like experience due to being full-sized, private apartments. Are they worth the extra cost, though? Well, let’s check it out.

What Do You Get With A Luxury Bristol Serviced Apartment?

Luxury Bristol serviced apartments are similar to hotels. You have to book your stay on a per-night basis, you stay in your designated space for the duration of your stay, and you simply tidy up and leave before your scheduled checkout time. This makes them great for temporary living at your travel destination.

However, they have a lot more to offer than a standard hotel does. With a serviced apartment, you get a whole, fully-furnished, private apartment. This means you get a full-sized kitchen, living area, private bedrooms, and full bathrooms; just like if you were to lease a flat.

Each of those rooms is fully furnished with luxury furniture, appliances, and all the little things you could possibly need to utilise the space. This means that you can cook real meals, sit down with the whole family in a comfortable living room on movie night, and enjoy your own private bedrooms without having to make the kids sleep on random chairs or couches, or sharing beds with your travel mates.

On top of that, you get heightened security and a living arrangement that is close to all the sights and attractions you probably want to visit during your stay in Bristol.

Is it Worth it?

The average cost of a hotel room for two people in Bristol is around £65, and that’s when you look at more “cost-effective” accommodations. Booking a higher quality room often costs as much as £140 per night. In comparison, luxury Bristol serviced apartments start at about £190, and they’re not rented on a per-person basis. You can bring your whole family for just a little more than it would cost a couple to stay in a fine hotel room.

Not only that, but you get far more functionality from a serviced apartment, and you won’t feel cramped. So, we definitely believe that not only is a serviced apartment worth it, but it’s also a better deal financially if you plan to stay for an extended period or bring the whole family along. 

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