Alternatives to Plastic Mailing Bags

Mail is a part of life that we’re never going to get around. We live in a much more connected world now than ever before, and transporting goods, letters, and of course, bills across long distances via courier is an absolute must. Unfortunately, that has made us pretty dependent on plastic packaging and mailing bags that are harmful to the environment. Luckily, there are alternatives available now that can slowly undo some of the damage our recent habits have caused.

Eco mailing bags and similar eco-friendly packaging options are making their way onto the market in mass, and they have the potential to completely change the way we handle parcel deliveries. If you’re a bit new to the concept of these alternative packaging options, let us go over the best alternative for mailing bags and why they’re better than your standard plastic options.

Recycled Paper Eco Mailing Bags

Paper mailing bags made from recycled resources offer a number of benefits. First, they can be used for all the same purposes as polythene mailing bags. They’re perfect for small goods, larger quantities of paper mail, and loose goods. If a polythene bag can hold it, so can a paper mailing bag.

However, paper mailing bags are made entirely of recycled paper materials; this keeps valuable paper out of landfills, and it doesn’t require too much manufacturing of new materials of any kind.

Another huge benefit of eco mailing bags is that they’re biodegradable. When a polythene mailing bag ends up in a landfill or littered on the ground, that bag can stay in the environment for hundreds of years. With an eco mailing bag, losing track of the packaging, accidentally tossing it in the bin instead of the recycling container, or otherwise not disposing of it properly doesn’t have that major consequence attached to it. It’ll degrade in a matter of weeks.

Speaking of recycling, eco-mailing bags are extremely easy to recycle. With polythene bags, you’re supposed to separate the different plastics that make up its liners and outer bits, and even then, very little of the bag is actually recyclable. That’s the case with many plastics. However, paper eco-bags can easily be tossed in with the rest of your at-home paper recycling materials and deposited with ease. Better yet, there isn’t any complicated sorting process, and the entire bag is fully recyclable.

Addressing Durability Concerns

You might think that sending a paper bag through the mail service, a service notorious for being rough on packages, is a risky idea, but you don’t need to worry. Eco mailing bags are made from recycled paper, but they’re no slouches when it comes to durability. With thick, high-quality materials, eco-mailing bags similar to the ones available at Packaging Chimp can stand up to the abuse your average mail courier throws at them.

Make the Switch to Eco Mailing Bags, Today

Caring about the environment is a task for all and not just environmental activists. Therefore, choosing options that contribute to the health of the planet should be a priority for businesses and individuals alike. One way to go about ensuring that humans are not polluting the land and filling up the landfills is to consider opting for eco-friendly mailing bags. Unlike their plastic counterparts, these can easily degrade in the solid and keep mother nature healthy. Both businesses and individuals should opt for these so that they can play their part in keeping the planet safe.                                                                                                                      

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