Healthy Drinks for Toddlers and Kids

Many children’s beverages can be found in grocery aisles. But how do you know which ones are best for your child’s developing body when so many appear healthy? Read this simple drink reference guide instead of wasting time in the grocery store reading nutrition labels (while your child is having a tantrum). Here simplified the process of deciding which beverages to order and which to avoid.

Drinks for toddlers and children that are the healthiest


As long as your child is at least one year old, you can believe the phrase that milk is good for you. Calcium and vitamin D are particularly crucial for developing your toddler’s teeth and bones. Pre-flavored milk includes more sugar, fat, and calories than plain milk, so keep them off the counter. The calcium content of enriched soy milk is nearly identical to that of cow’s milk, making it an excellent alternative for kids who don’t enjoy the taste of moo juice. Keep in mind that your toddler can have too much of a good thing while giving milk to your child. If she or he consumes excessive milk, she may not be able to eat the other healthy things she or he requires. Ideally, you should drink 16 ounces of milk each day.


Drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated because it contains no added sugars or fats, no calories, and no preservatives. Fluoride prevents cavities and is almost certainly present if it’s straight from the tap. But what if your child doesn’t like the taste of water? Improve the flavor of this nutritious beverage with a few slices of citrus. However, if your child still refuses to drink water from the tap, you may need to provide them with fluoride supplements. To determine if your child needs a fluoride supplement, you can consult a pediatric dentist and get your kid’s teeth checked. You can find a good dentist by searching on the internet (probably by using keywords such as ‘family dentistry practice near me‘ or ‘ pediatric dentist near me’) as it will provide you with many options for pediatric dentists nearby.

What drinks can toddler have in moderation?

100 percent juice: 

If your child has a sensitive stomach or is at risk of developing cavities, avoid giving them juice. Offer some 100% juice in moderation (apple, orange or cranberry, or pomegranate) to a busy and picky toddler to deliver some nutrients. Be mindful that your child shouldn’t be carrying around a sippy cup full of juice all day. Don’t serve it every day, and limit it to no more than 4 ounces per serving, so that your child doesn’t lose interest in other healthful foods. To get the most out of a small amount of juice, one approach is to dilute it with water (half juice with half water)


However, smoothies should not be utilized as a constant source of hydration for your toddler, but they can be a nutritious snack. With raspberries and oranges, crushed ice, yogurt (regular or frozen), or crushed ice with your toddler’s favorite fruits or veggies, you may make a smoothie for your little one. For mixing healthy drinks a mixer is very necessary thing so for this purpose you can use Preethi Steele Mixer.

What beverages should be avoided by toddlers and children?

• Fruit drinks and soda: 

If she consumes fruit drinks (which have added sugar and less than 100% juice), ordinary soda, vitamin waters, and sports and energy beverages, she is effectively consuming the same thing. Consequently, these drinks are a significant contributor to childhood obesity and dental damage due to their high refined sugar content. So, even though these beverages are often made to pique your toddler’s interest, avoid giving them.

• Caffeinated drinks:

Caffeine and other stimulants can be found in various drinks, including iced tea, sports and energy drinks, vitamin waters, and numerous sodas, including orange and clear varieties. The effects of caffeine on youngsters are far more pronounced than on adults, including jitteriness, stomach cramps, headaches, and difficulties concentrating, among other things.

Drinking healthy drinks has several advantages:

A few of the advantages of drinking healthy beverages include the following:

        It increases nutrient intake in the body as a whole. According to a press release, dietary nutrients intake is deficient among Indian children. According to the survey, micronutrient intake decreases by 55% as youngsters get older. Children’s nutritional needs can be met by including healthy drinks in their diets.

        Proteins, the body’s building blocks, may be found in all health drinks.

        Your youngster is refusing to drink milk because of the taste or scent. To make plain milk more appealing, several health drinks are available.

        Healthy teeth and bones can be developed with the support of calcium and vitamin D, which are found in most health beverages.

        Children’s constipation can be prevented and their gut health improved by drinking health drinks containing prebiotics and probiotics.

        Omega 3 fatty acid, which aids in the development of the brain during the early years and increases focus, is also found in some health drinks.

        In addition to promoting healthy vision, immunity, and growth, other vitamins and minerals in health drinks do the same.


When your kids are thirsty, you can provide them with a wide variety of healthy beverages. Some kid-friendly beverages are infused and plain water, dairy, plant-based milk, and certain herbal teas. Instead of soda, sweetened milk, and sports drinks, go for these low-calorie alternatives. Preethi Mixer Grinder can help you to make healthy drinks for kids. You’re doing the right thing for your child’s health, even if they balk at the idea of giving up their favorite sweetened beverage.

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