Benefits of staying in serviced apartments

Many people think that serviced apartments and hotels are the same type of accommodation and although they are similar in some ways, there are some key benefits to staying in a serviced apartment over a hotel and other types of accommodation.


A big clue is in the name when it comes to ‘serviced’ apartments, aside from just providing accommodation there are a number of services that can come included within the price of your rent, or that can be added on for a surcharge. Depending on the facilities that your serviced apartment provides you may have access to a number of these services:

Gyms: Onsite gyms are sometimes available to residents of serviced apartments. These can be either exclusive to residents or open to the public too, some larger facilities may even have swimming pools.

Housekeeping: Professional cleaning services are a common service available at serviced apartments and a big benefit of staying within one. Usually there are a set number of cleans included within the rent of the accommodation however, usually guests can pay for additional cleans if required.

Laundry: Another benefit of serviced apartments is that they can sometimes come with laundry services, these can be basic or comprehensive depending on your needs.


A key benefit of serviced apartments is that they are a lot more spacious than other types of accommodation that you might find. They tend to be much bigger than hotel rooms and can therefore provide more room for storage and other activities. Unlike hotel rooms, serviced apartments can come with bedrooms separate from the rest of the living spaces providing a much bigger and more comfortable stay.


Similar to the previous point, serviced apartments usually come with a full sized, fully equipped kitchen enabling you to prepare your favourite dishes which is not usually possible with other types of accommodation. Having a fully functioning kitchen within a serviced apartment also allows you to save money, going out to eat everyday quickly becomes expensive so being able to prepare your own meals will help you to save money.

Cost effective

Usually when looking at staying within a serviced apartment, people are usually deciding between these or a hotel room. When taking into account the cost of both, serviced apartments can work out much cheaper in the long run. Hotel rooms have the costs of the room rate plus any extras such as laundry and the daily food costs as there are no kitchen facilities. Studies have shown that people staying in hotels spend on average up to 50% more than those staying in a serviced apartment counterpart. 

There are a number of benefits to staying within serviced apartments when compared to other types of accommodation such as hotels. For many people, the extra space and available facilities coupled with the price point make them a firm favourite over hotels. If you are thinking about staying within a serviced apartment remember to check directly with the building provider for a full list of services available.

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