How Is Rum Good for Your Health?

Most people don’t realize that rum can be good for your health if you imbibe quality spirits. Not only is it ideal for sipping, but rum also works well as a cocktail ingredient, especially the sugary variety with several cordials, juices, and liqueurs. It’s one of the most popular liquors worldwide despite originating in the relatively small area of the Caribbean sea. 

Indeed, the islands of Barbados and Santo Domingo are significant rum producers, and exports drive economic activity in addition to tourism. Some travellers visit this part of the world exclusively for the unique foods and beverages you can’t find elsewhere, such as single-distillery rum. But is rum good for your health? The answer may surprise you once you understand the essential characteristics of quality rum.

Does rum contain any residual sugar?

If you’re trying to keep your carb count low, rum should put you at ease because there isn’t residual sugar left over after distillation. Most beginners have trouble identifying this “sweetness” because the taste of alcohol dominates, and in case you didn’t know, alcohol does have a distinct flavour.

So, once you grow accustomed to the intensity, you’ll be able to distinguish more tasting notes and aromas in rum. The confusion stems from the fact that rum’s aromas have a distinct molasses scent. Likewise, rum is a remarkable ingredient in sweet cocktails, particular those that use tropical fruits like pineapple and mango.

Can you use rum for medicinal purposes?

For hundreds of years, natives to the Caribbean have used rum for medicinal purposes. It won’t prolong your life and invigorate the mind, but rum can be beneficial to the skin due to its antibacterial properties. Thus, a small dab of rum works well as an alternative to chemical astringents that harm the upper layers of skin. Interestingly, some claim that it’s even better when you add a measure of rose water.

Is small-batch rum healthiest?

Now, we come about to our original inquiry: is rum good for your health? Honestly, the answer depends on the quality of the distillation process. Did the producer take the time to distil the rum several times, or are there impurities that can affect the taste? You might not know that bargain spirits and liquors contain more residual chemicals from a brief (i.e., less expensive) process.

That’s why small batch rum is healthiest because distillers handcraft them and take the time to store the spirit properly too. Since the liquor isn’t blended, you can be more confident that you’re sipping a safe product. Unfortunately, some rum producers don’t take the same care, and contaminants find their way into the final batch. It happens less often than in the past, but it is a health concern worth noting.

Overall, when used in moderation, rum can be good for the skin and safer to drink when you buy it from a reliable brand.

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