Why is jewelry a special present?

Of all the presents given to loved ones over the centuries, jewelry stands out as a timeless example of love, goodwill, appreciation, and companionship.

No matter if you’re gifting a loved one a necklace, presenting a baby a bracelet to mark their first year, purchasing your wife a pair of earrings on your anniversary, or using engagement rings to propose – jewelry has a habit of making people look and feel fantastic while holding thorough sentimental value.

But why exactly is jewelry a special present, and how can you determine which gift is worth giving at which times?

In this post, we’ll analyze this a little more so we can inform our purchases going forward into the future. Without further ado, let’s consider:

Longevity & Durability

Some people have jewelry pieces that have lasted in the family for generations, be that a watch, a ring, a necklace, a brooch or whatever implement had enough worth to be passed down. This is because jewelry can be stored, repaired and maintained for long periods of time, provided you find a quality piece with good craftsmanship. That’s why it’s worth investing in jewelry with real care put into its design. You never know if your grandchild will propose to their sweetheart with the ring you’re purchasing your potential fiance now – that’s how durable these pieces can be.

Full Expression

While perhaps the most public expression of jewelry customization we see today is that of hip-hop artists investing in necklaces and chains with incredibly off-the-wall designs, it’s true to say that jewelry has always been customizable. From the inlaid stones, gems, metals and other fixtures used to decorate a certain piece, as well as the chance for engravings, jewelry is able to send a message as nothing else can.

You need only look at those who craft rings from meteorites or think back to the days where sweetheart’s portraits were inlaid in lockets to see the enduring value of jewelry as a statement.

Visual Appeal

Jewelry is noticeable and often designed to be seen. Bright colors or how we wear them on our bodies as accessories contribute to who we are as a person and how we present ourselves. Some people rarely take their jewelry off, while others who usually never wear it make exceptions for wedding rings and other gifts they receive with that special message behind it. Jewelry can be fun to wear, also. So far, we’ve discussed many serious and sincere applications for gifting jewelry, but simply the fact that it’s nice to wear and to give is just as important as any other reason.

An Investment

Some jewelry can serve as a fantastic investment that may even pay for itself over the years, or accrue value. That’s not necessarily the sole reason to buy it, but it can’t hurt to do so, especially when precious stones and gems become more sought-after over the years. Jewelry often retains its value provided its a craftsman’s piece and has real design effort put into it, and that in itself gives the gift import.

With this information, you’re sure to feel more empowered when gifting jewelry.

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