Benefits of a serviced apartment in Bristol

Bristol is a great location both to live and to visit, with great universities, a strong art culture and bustling nightlife it is a great place to live temporarily or more long term. So you’ve picked your location now you just need to choose your type of accommodation.  Serviced apartments are a popular choice amongst people visiting Bristol.

Serviced apartments are often compared to staying at a hotel, as they are a fully furnished type of accommodation available for both long and short stays. However there are benefits of serviced apartments that might make them more suitable for longer stays.

Serviced apartment benefits


If you are thinking of a serviced apartment in Bristol then space is a big benefit to other types of accommodation within the city.  Serviced apartments tend to be much larger than typical hotel room sizes meaning you are not likely to feel cramped, there is also likely to be lots of storage space for your belongings allowing your serviced apartment to avoid feeling cluttered.


Unlike other types of accommodation in Bristol, serviced apartments come with a full sized, fully equipped kitchen allowing you to prepare your favourite dishes. For longer stays this means that you are likely to save money as you can prepare your own home cooked meals which would be much cheaper than going out to eat at every meal.  Having a fully equipped kitchen also means access to a freezer so you can prepare and freeze meals in advance saving you time and more money.

Cost effective

Usually people staying in Bristol are deciding between a hotel room or a serviced apartment, when comparing the cost of both, serviced apartments are much cheaper. Staying in hotels for a number of weeks can be extremely expensive, aside from the nightly room charge there are also the other costs associated such as laundry services and food costs. It has been calculated that on average people spend between 30%-50% less in serviced apartments than hotels.


A key benefit of serviced apartments is that they usually come with housekeepers to clean the apartment on a regular basis. There will usually be a set cleaning timetable at your property included in the price you pay, however if you require extra cleaning there is usually the flexibility to increase these for a small fee. Having a housekeeper will help to reduce your own personal responsibilities as you will have to spend less time cleaning, meaning that you are able to spend more time working, studying or enjoying hobbies.


Due to the added space in serviced apartments, depending on how many people you are sharing with there will be extra bedrooms. This means that you will have the added privacy of your own personal space that you are unlikely to get in a hotel in Bristol, or in fact anywhere. 

There are a number of benefits to getting a serviced apartment in Bristol, make sure you research thoroughly the properties that you are planning to stay at as facilities may vary.

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