What is the best pattern to print on a paper bag?

Finding alternatives to plastics has never been more important than now, as we try to limit the damage climate change has caused and will in future to the Earth and the human population. Plastic bags take centuries to biodegrade and release harmful pollutants into the atmosphere, so the popularity of paper bags and environmentally friendly alternatives have become more commonplace. As we all try to do our bit individually to help save the planet, it is just as important for companies to follow suit within their operations to create less pollution, as governments across the globe enforce laws on how businesses operate to comply with environmental standards.

Paper bags are a great option, not only because they are recyclable and environmentally friendly but they can also be customised and made personable to the individual purchasing one. Outlets such as the Paper Bag Co have a wide variety of choices when it comes to paper bags. However, with all the different options in terms of what you want on there and the type of print, it can be difficult to work out which design is best for your new paper bag. This blog will look into the different patterns you can find on paper bags and discuss which one may be best for you, so keep on reading to find out more!

Luxury – laminated or unlaminated?

If you are looking for quality when it comes to your paper bags, then luxury bags are the way to go. Although there is a premium on the price, in terms of what you are getting with your paper bags is far superior. If you are a business looking to promote and offer them to consumers, you want something that will last longer not only for the benefit of the business but for the individual, as the reputation of the business will improve if you provide quality paper bags rather than a cheaper alternative.

Luxury laminated paper bags from the Paper Bag Co are a great option for businesses as they offer added strength and durability, lasting longer as they have high quality coated board with a reinforced top and base. Although not diminishing the design on the paper bags, as they are hand finished to ensure the highest quality, offering a wide range of ways to design your paper bags from the finish to the handle, these can help make your business stand out with a truly luxury bag.

Alternatively, you may look at unlaminated bags, which are more environmentally friendly as they are 100% recyclable but are still strong as well so not compromising on this part of the paper bags. They can also be finished with more extras, offering more choice this way, so it is dependent on the business you operate and which is best to offer. If you are more inclined to go for stronger and longer lasting paper bags then laminated would be the way to go, but if you are looking to be more environmentally friendly, then equally unlaminated would be the way to go. The fact they are completely recyclable is the main reason why they are becoming more and more popular amongst businesses, as we all look to do our bit to save the planet.

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