The Best Paddle Boards Available for Beginners

Paddle boarding is a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to stay in shape without all the discomfort of the gym. However, just like anything that has you riding a board, it does have a learning curve.

Luckily, beginners aren’t stuck with super expensive options with steep learning curves. There are beginner paddle boards available that offer an affordable and accessible entry point for paddleboarders of all ages.

Let’s check them out and get you on the water ASAP.

1: Pace SUP

The Pace SUP is a 10’6″ inflatable sup that is perfect for beginners looking for a bit of excitement. Its length and reasonable width make it easy to balance on, and the lightweight material used makes it exceptionally easy to transport.

This beginner paddle board is a great option for its ability to cut through the water like butter, but it also provides the user with a sense of stability and balance that other fast paddle boards lack. At 329 Euros, it’s also a more affordable option for those who don’t know if they’ll stick with paddle boarding in the future.


The MAX SUP is another 10’6″ option that is very similar to the Pace SUP, but it has a more rounded, balance-focused design that provides a more “all-around” beginner paddle board experience. Like the Pace, this is an inflatable paddle board that is easy to transport regardless of which vehicle you drive, and it can even be packed away in a travel bag if you have a way to inflate it on the spot. Again, this comes in at the same price range as the Pace at a reasonable 329 Euros.

3: Rockit SUP

The Rockit SUP is a bit shorter than the previous options. It’s 10’2” long, and it boasts a highly rounded, all-around shape that is perfect for trying different paddle board activities. Its shorter length allows for slightly better maneuverability; even for those with shorter wingspans and less arm strength. Making it a great option for children and teens. At 339 Euros, it’s only slightly more expensive than the previous options, and it’s made from the same high-end materials to provide an easily storable and transportable inflatable option.


This inflatable sup was designed to be a jack-of-all-trades. It’s exceptionally well balanced, highly stable, and capable of quickly maneuvering the waves. However, it’s shorter at just 10′ long, and it can fit into tighter spots more easily when touring. At 279 Euros, this inflatable sup is affordable and a great option for beginners to learn the ropes.

5: BOLT Junior SUP

The BOLT Junior was made with kids and smaller teens in mind. At just 9’4″ in length, it’s highly maneuverable, but it may feel a bit too short for adults. However, its speed-themed shape and high stability make it the perfect option for smaller riders to cut through the water and have a blast. At just 269 Euros, it’s also the most affordable option without skimping on quality.

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